According to the internet, Dr. Bowen, expert in space policy at Leicester University said ” If to you, it’s necessary that GPS for military level, i.e., safe network transmitting signals is within an accuracy of centimetres, then I’m afraid, OneWeb satellites will not approach.” Why did Boris spend £360,772,500.00 of public money?

It is stated on the internet that Doctor Bleddyn Bowen, an expert in space policy at Leicester University said “talented lobbyists of OneWeb just convinced the government that they will be able to remake completely a number of satellites under navigation loading, though initially they were developed with absolutely other purpose.  If to you, it’s necessary that GPS for military level, i.e., safe  network transmitting signals is within an accuracy of centimetres, then I’m afraid, OneWeb satellites will not approach.”

“We want to know Boris, what has our money actually been used for and what kind of return on our capital can we expect?”

The government of Britain buys a share in OneWeb for $0.5 billion

“At the end of June, 2020 it became known that the government of Britain buys a share in OneWeb for $0.5 billion and 20% of the company will own now. This solution was approved by the prime minister Boris Johnson and Risha Sunak Minister of Finance.”

While you were shielding, he was spending. Or was it to make the rich, richer?

Just some of the Directors of Oneweb Global are :

Alex Clavel is head of M&A and corporate finance at SoftBank Group International. 

Greg Wyler American Entrepreneur founder of OneWeb

Ohad FinkelsteinFounder and Managing Partner Danli Capital Ltd

Dirk Hoke CEO of Airbus Defence and Space

Quinn Li Senior Vice President & Global Head of Qualcomm Ventures

Ricardo Salinas  Mexican Business Billionaire

Adrian Steckel Mexican businessman and CEO of OneWeb

Here at Simply D’Elite, we have been watching this company and now reports are coming out that the British Taxpayer, authorised by Boris Johnson, has rescued this company with spending £400m rescuing it from bankruptcy proceedings.

Here is what we found:

Remember Brexit?

“Airbus plans UK job cuts amid fears of hard Brexit’
‘Airbus threatens to leave UK over Brexit’
‘Airbus CEO warns of ‘harmful decisions’ for UK jobs’

So as media reported, at the time of the Brexit referendum, Airbus jobs were at stake if you voted Leave, they were already safeguarding their future investments, not because of Brexit, by reducing the workforce. At the time, Eurofound (an EU Agency and the governing board that represents social partners and national governments of all Members states, as well as the European Commission) said ‘that the restructuring programme is considered as a response to the lasting dollar weakness, the financial burden resulting from the delays in the delivering of the A380 plane and to safeguard future investments. So now we know, what those ‘future investments’ were.

CEO Thomas Enders, also Director of Oneweb Global, and once director to The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) announced to its European Works Council a restructuring plan envisaging the reduction of up to 5,800 positions by 2016.

  • Sanne Secretaries Ltd, based in Jersey was the Company Secretary of OneWeb Global Ltd., also having offices in Cayman Islands etc.
  • Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus Group, will be joining Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, Dr. Paul Jacobs, Executive Chairman of Qualcomm Incorporated, and Greg Wyler, founder of OneWeb, on the Board of Directors.
  • Astrium, the wholly owned subsidiary of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space company), plans to market India’s remote sensing imagery in Europe and the US, according to its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Francois Auque.  (also a Director of OneWeb Global Ltd and also served as EVP Space Systems Airbus Defense and Space Member of the Executive Committee of Airbus Group SE). 
  • OneWeb Ltd. said it had secured funding from Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Qualcomm Inc. for a planned Internet service powered by a constellation of 648 satellites.
  • OneWeb, which is building a new global communications system to create affordable broadband services for all, today announces it has raised $500 million of funding from a group of leading international companies.  Partners with Virgin and Qualcomm.  Richard Branson backed this start up OneWeb.
  • OneWeb has attracted investment from Airbus Group, Bharti Enterprises, Hughes Network Systems, (Hughes), a subsidiary of EchoStar Corp., Intelsat, Qualcomm Incorporated, The Coca-Cola Company, Totalplay, a Grupo Salinas Company, owned by Ricardo B. Salinas, and Virgin Group.

Even a mention on the Panama Papers web site. What is really going on? What has our money be used for?

OneWeb Network Access Holdings Ltd

Steven Fay currently is the Deputy CFO and founding executive member of OneWeb.  Was Head of LEO Satellites at Google.

Why is Russia involved when its said, both Russia and China will bring out a competitor?

What is really going on whilst we are hidden away?

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