About Us

The List believes in Campaigning for A Better Britain.

We investigate and report on all kinds of subjects but mainly those affecting the UK.

  • The List is not a political party
  • The List is not affiliated to any political party.
  • The List is By the People, For The People
  • The List is free
  • The List will fight for Country, we ask only for your support to help us.
  • The List asks that you spread the word.  This is important to EVERY
    British Citizen!
  • We will report on ‘The List’ of things that affect you.

We are NOT affiliated to any political party and are a cross party alliance of ordinary British Voters who will stand up for their rights!  THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!

Our Sovereignty is of utmost importance and must be reclaimed back.  This must not be confused with Trade.  Trade and Leaving the EU in its entirety are two separate issues.

I has now become apparent that this isn’t just about Brexit any more but is much bigger!  We lost our Sovereignty and Powers to the EU over the years.   MPs and former Prime Ministers complicit in nodding through Parliament treaties and EU Directives WITHOUT the Consent of the Sovereign Electorate and to this end, we have drawn up a Declaration – a People’s Declaration which you can read here and sign here.
We demand that this be placed within our uncodified Constitution for future generations.

We originally started this group  for the 17.4million people who voted Leave in the EU Referendum and delivered a Petition to no 10 on 19th March, 2018 with over 1,200,000 signatures!

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