Is China lying to us? Did this Coronavirus come from China? Did some in the UK have it last year? We present some disturbing facts.

It may be that we are in unprecedented times and as some say, not the time for the ‘blame game’, but we like to be able to find the truth.  We bring you our findings, what is or who is to blame, well that might be left to the history books.

Did China lie and this new coronavirus was actually spreading before December?  Was it indeed China?  Did you have similiar symptoms last year?

Read the comments from people who believe they had Coronavirus or similiar, last year!

China has admitted that the coronavirus started in a wet market in Wuhan from bats.  We would not place any blame towards the people of China; in fact, we feel for the ordinary people of China and saddened at the lives lost to the virus.  However, there are unanswered questions from the Communist Regime that controls the people of China.

Wuhan is the most populous city in central China, full of scientific and technological ‘parks‘.    Having not been to China myself, I am advised by those that have visited on business, that the citizens of Wuhan live in one densely populated area with the rest of the vast majority of the state area consisting of national development zones, scientific and technological development parks, over 350 research institutes,  hi-tech enterprises, etc.

Did you suffer these symptoms last year? Important READ

Some science sites report that coronavirus did not escape from a lab and that this is a persistent myth which can be put to bed.  This was based on a group of researchers who compared genome of this virus made available to them from the Chinese data available. They concluded that as spike protein was so effective at binding the human cells, it was the result of natural selection and not the product of genetic engineering.

However, Chinese scientists also claimed that there were 2 variants of the same coronavirus, the first an older one and less aggressive and a newer version that mutated into a more contagious and deadly virus.  Which one did they provide to these researchers?  Yet, in an Australian scientific article online in January this year, Australian scientists declared that they had successfully grown the new coronavirus in cell culture for the purpose of more accurate diagnostic tests and vaccines.  They stated that scientists in China had been able to grow the virus in the lab, although labs outside had struggled to grow the virus, they had done so easily in Australia, but that China had not yet shared samples with international researchers, only the virus’s genetic sequence.  They go on to report that although virus samples can also be used to validate molecular diagnostic tests, most labs have moved away from using whole viruses in favour of synthetically producing parts of the virus from partial genomes.

Scientists are currently divided on whether the coronavirus is an artificially-created virus or a natural occurrence spread from bats and/or pangolin to humans.

Some reports claim it’s a bio-weapon wielded out from China; others reporting that it was accidentally leaked in Wuhan; or even first found in the Guangdong providence.  The timeline of events are different depending on whose report you read.

Let’s first look at the ‘Seafood Wet Market’ in Wuhan where China say the virus started.

Its name suggests what we would describe as a ‘fish market’ but this is far from the truth.  It is a market of all sorts; many people selling on top of paper, rags a few feet from their cars or vans at the road side. Many sell from stalls or buckets where they keep both live and slaughtered animals in close proximity to one another as seen in the image below. Taken from the internet, a ‘menu’ of animals available is posted, and nowhere is it stated that ‘bats’ are sold nor pangolins?

Produced in a lab or a leak from a lab when did it actually start?

Many people in the UK, including myself, had a ‘virus’ last year with very similar symptoms. Did we suffer from the first strain sent from China?  Was it indeed first started in China or was it a product of a trial that leaked?  If you have had similar symptoms prior to the outbreak, you should read and perhaps comment here.

Is this evidence that this coronavirus was here much earlier?  Was it the first or second strain as previously admitted to by the Chinese Government.  They tagged the older virus to a “L-type”; the dominant strain which was present in the early phase of the outbreak that began in Wuhan.  That strain receded as it spread amongst other countries in the world.  This second, newer mutated version, dubbed the “S-type” was more common.  This “S-type” is one that closely resembles coronaviruses circulating in bats and pangolins, the animals thought to have incubated the virus before jumping to humans.  They suspect that this type may have escaped its animal hosts earlier than previously believed – been circulating longer without causing enough illness to set off alarm bells.  This was reported in an article by the Los Angeles Times.

Whilst many countries throughout the world continue to try and control the spread and deaths from Covid-19 (SARS 2 – COVID19 to give its proper name), the Seafood Wet Markets are again open.

‘It’s ok to go to the seafood market.  It won’t affect our eating habits because it’s a special and unknown case” “We haven’t confirmed it has come from the Wuhan market” says one resident on YouTube .

So where did it start?

China is quite probably under-reporting the true extent of the Wuhan-centred coronavirus and may well be hiding its real origins!  Surely it cannot be coincidence that Wuhan is the location of an institute dedicated to research into viruses of this nature.  Also it is largely unknown, even in China, that apparently the very first identified victim of the virus is reported to have had no contact with the market blamed for the virus initiation.  Is the market thus a convenient scapegoat for what has actually been an accidental virus release from a state-sponsored institution?

And it would appear that accidents involving lab-grown pathogens and viruses are not just the stuff of science fiction movies

Swine flu, which had been supposedly dead for 20 years, suddenly re-emerged in 1977 with a curious twist.  The new strain was genetically similar to the one in the 1950’s; as if it had been sitting in a freezer in a lab.  “Eventually, it became clear that the late-70’s flu outbreak was likely the result of a lowly lab worker’s snafu” stated online by The Atlantic.

  • “Singapore labour worker was inadvertently infected with SARS in 2003.”
  • “A Russian scientist, in 2004, died after accidentally sticking herself with a needle contaminated with Ebola in a Siberian laboratory”.
  • “2,000 vials containing the SARS virus were lost from a Parisian Institute”
  • “Laboratory in Texas lost a vial containing the Guanarito virus”
  • “Smallpox now eradicated due to available vaccine still sits as samples in the US and Russia”.  Some scientists arguing that those vials should be destroyed in case of use in bio terrorism.  As there is no cure for smallpox; it kills a third of its victims.
  • “SARS – three separate lab accidents, all luckily contained, with onward transmission in one case only, may have been a lucky escape this time”.

“A Virologist in Holland has created an Avian flu that, unlike other H5N1 strains, easily spreads between ferrets – which so far have proven a reliable model for determining transmissibility in humans, and funded by National Institutes of Health.  Avian flu kills at least 60% of humans that have been infected.  The virologist admits his creation is probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make.  Some scientist believe the work is too dangerous and should be vetted by an international panel.  As of December 2011, US officials asked that researchers withhold certain key details of their published findings.  The journals were willing to comply as long as qualified researchers can have access to the full data.  As of February 2012, the WHO reached agreement that the work could be published without any redaction.

So the virus cannot be made nor escape from a lab??  Even our own Government has reservations.

What about the cover-ups?

Dr Ai Fen a doctor at the Wuhan Central Hospital. She was perhaps among the first doctors to discover the Wuhan virus.=, and the person who gave the ‘whistle’ to Dr. Wenliang. After speaking out against the authorities, Dr Ai Fen has gone missing.  She was a Director working at the Wuhan hospital who gave an interview to a Chinese Magazine but the regime did not like it. See more here

Dr Li Wenliang, the whistle blower.  A doctor in Wuhan Dr Li Wenliang first brought the attention to ‘unconfirmed cases of SARS from a seafood market’ to the world by posting a warning online.  He was initially arrested for sending this message as ‘posting false statements on the internet.’  He was charged with that crime but after signing an acknowledgement warning letter, he supposedly received no punishment.  Dr Wen died from coronavirus on 7th January this year.

The female Chinese national on twitter apologising to the US for her country and receiving backing from other nationals.  In the clip posted online on March 19, she says: “I want to say sorry to America, sorry for bringing the Chinese virus to the US, sorry for being silent about what the CCP has done to conceal the truth and benefit the dissemination of the Wuhan virus.

Chinese social-media platform WeChat saw spikes in the terms ‘coronavirus,’ ‘shortness of breath,’ and ‘SARS,’ weeks before the first cases were confirmed, a study suggests. An abnormal usage of such keywords were seen from 17 November to 31 December.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, there were 3,331 deaths from 81,708 reported cases – far lower than the US, Spain, Italy, UK and most of Europe  Who is now making a profit out of the Coronavirus pandemic?

It is reported that over 23 million mobile contracts were suddenly stopped and not renewed?

Even the Daily Mail reported underplay in Wuhan by officials in China

We found online, a report from a cremation facility which proves there were more deaths.


The “circled” 30 in the above image represents the number of ovens.

It was reported that they worked 19 hours a day throughout February.

30 ovens x 19 hours a day = 570 incinerations per day.

570 incinerations x 29 days in February = 16,530 deaths

That’s just one place!

Why then were there reports of people queuing to collect over 5,000 urns and reports of funerals parlours being overwhelmed?


Is there an ulterior motive?

Italy, who have suffered greatly from this pandemic, are reported to have had no help from the EU, and in fact it was Russia that came to the rescue.  However, reports state that that help of supplies was next to useless.  China also sent supplies which turned out to be useless too.  In sending their medical aid to Italy and other coronavirus stricken countries, were their motives not so altruistic as first thought?  It is reported that Russian Officers are based in Bergamo, Italy.  The presence of Russian military personnel in a NATO country, however, especially near a U.S. air base, raises fears that the Russians will use their stay to gather intelligence.

French officials claim US buyers waving wads of cash managed to take control of a consignment of masks as it was about to be dispatched from China to one of the worst-hit coronavirus areas of France, according to two French officials.  The masks were on a plane at Shanghai airport that was ready to take off when the US buyers turned up and offered three times what their French counterparts were paying.

Is China making a profit out of the coronavirus?

China has been hard at work supplying medical equipment and supplies to those other countries reporting medical shortages.

Wuhan is supposedly up and running again, yet you will find that even before COVID-19’s unexpected emergence, China had been in the throes of a structural slowdown in its economic growth. Over the past decade, China’s GDP growth, according to government figures, has gradually moderated from above 10% in 2010, to below 8% in 2015 before hitting 6.6% in 2018 and softening further to 6.1% in 2019 — the slowest in three decades.  Around 32% of Chinese manufacturers in the southern industrial core are reportedly facing shortages in supplies needed for production, with a further 15% out of key stocks due to lingering supply chain disruptions related to COVID-19, according to an American Chamber of Commerce survey. With the rest of the world mainly in lockdown, demand from abroad can only hamper their exports.

The Chinese now turning the blame towards the US, saying that the first place a disease is discovered does not equate to it being the source.

Perhaps we are ALL to blame!

In the recent Netflix documentary series, Pandemic, (which I urge you to watch if you haven’t already) Dr Dennis Carroll predicted and saw the pandemic coming.  For decades, Carroll has been a leading voice about the threat of zoonotic spill over, the transmission of pathogens from nonhuman animals to us. Carroll formed a US AID program called PREDICT, where he guided trailblazing research into viruses hiding, and waiting to emerge, in animals around the world.  However, that funding ended in 2019.  Carroll left USAID and formed a new program, the Global Virome Project and continues to monitor, identify, and characterise the geographical scope of viruses.  This should be down with transparency and data throughout the world

“Both the supporters of the Global Virome Project and its skeptics need to be heard” said the Lancet in October 2019. As heard in the Netflix documentary series, Dr Carroll said that although he had “banged on the doors of many governments to warn them of a pending pandemic, no one took him seriously.  Governments do not prepare enough for risks, such as this virus spreading the world.  They have war budgets, but no money in peacetime.” So perhaps we should be asking our own Governments, why didn’t you prepare, why didn’t you listen?


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