Group Think

‘Are you a sheep? Are you allowing yourself to be herded by Groupthink?
Not sure, read our article.

Groupthink – a construct of social psychology when a group of decision-making people, manipulate and minimise conflict by reaching a consensus without critical evaluation or alternative viewpoints, thereby surpressing active debate; individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking and isolation from outside influences.

Irving Janis pioneered the initial research on the groupthink theory.  He wrote ‘the more amiability and esprit de corps there is among the members of a policy-making ‘in-group’, the greater the danger that independent critical thinking will be replaced by groupthink, which is likely to result in irrational and dehumanising actions directed against ‘out-groups’.

Let me give you some examples –

  1. The majority of our politicians told us that to vote to leave the European Union would be catastrophic; it would be a cliff edge; there would be a food shortage; planes would fall out of the sky – the ‘in-group’. Accordingly, those that voted to Leave were from the out-groups. Those ‘outgroup’s ‘are thick, racist, stupid, do not understand.  Those ‘out-groups’ will not succumb to groupthink.
  2. Those wishing to debate immigration because of the sheer number of people entering our country are racist; little ‘Englanders’ – dehumanise and irrational actions directed against ‘out-groups’ by the groupthink ‘in-groups’.  Anyone disagreeing with the ‘groupthink’ are labelled trouble-makers, far right, etc.
  3. Anything that is opposite to the ideology and goals of the ‘groupthink’ leaders are not debated but replaced with irrational statements such as ‘populist’, ‘far-right’, ‘racist’, ‘politically incorrect’ – deliberately closing down free speech and any discussion; resulting in suppressing active debate and isolating ‘out-groups’.
  4. Climate Change – once referred to as Global Dimming, then when the figures didn’t match up, it was changed to Global Warming and now Climate Change. Yes, there is climate change; there has always been climate change, but why do the other scientists, those shut down, unable to speak, actually disagree? Why are we ‘told’ to do this, to believe that, yet disallowed any formal debate on the subject? Groupthink – you are a ‘denier!’, ‘think about being a vegan’.
    Dehumanise and shut-down any actions by ‘out-groups’.  If ever ‘climate change’ is questioned, one is automatically herald ‘a denier!’- The screams of ‘heretic’ and images of being burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition suddenly spring to mind.  It’s a similar fashion to that of religion, a way of controlling people, and if religion is a way of controlling people, then why not a government, an institution, an established ‘groupthink’?
  5. Schools, universities –   you will believe in this, you must think in this way, encourage ‘safe spaces’, discourage debate, encourage groupthink ideology, discourage individual thinking.  Demoralise the young into believing they need not think for themselves.  Groupthink! Read Jon’s story, an ex-university student.
  6. Political correctness – it’s racist to say that!  Newspeak used by groupthink to control speech and thoughts.

The sheep drawn into the ‘groupthink’ of the ‘elites’ will just regurgitate what they have been told. ‘Racists, Stupid, Far-right, Deniers, bah, bah, bah’.

In the novel, 1984, the United Kingdom became a province of a super state similar to the plans of the European Union.  That super state ruled by one party who employed ‘thought police’ to persecute individualism and independent thinking.

Newspeak language was used to control the speech, actions and thoughts of the population – a word now creeping into our media language today.

Don’t think you are a sheep? How many of you start a sentence now with ‘So’?

The European Union feel the people are too stupid to make a decision and it is for the ‘elites’ to govern which would not need to have recourse to the people. This is the golden thread that now runs through our Parliament and every other institution in our society today.

Our Remain MPs today still call us ‘stupid’ and are telling us that we should vote again and the sheep follow, happy to be part of the ‘groupthink‘ but those sheep will never be part of the ‘in-group’, so perhaps it is time for them to wake up and become an individual thinker; an ‘out-group member’. Even our media peddle the same ‘groupthink’ which is slowly sifting through our judiciary, education etc.

Climate change – academia or activism?  An author wrote on the subject ‘probably the most widely repeated claim in the debate over global warming is that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is man-made and dangerous’.  But where is the debate? Other editorials will say its 95%, some 97%, so they can’t even agree on the percentage.  But they will all state the consensus states that…. But this isn’t true.  There are many other scientists and researchers who do not agree and not necessarily fit the 5% or 3% they state – after all, you only have their word for the percentage.  Where are the numerous scientists who are unable to speak out and show another side to the debate?  Why is there no debate?

Consensus says therefore consensus rules, and now the sheep have been so sucked in, just like the ‘Remain/Leave the EU’ debate, they vilify by calling anyone who wants a debate or doubts climate change – a denier!  If Consensus rules, why are we still, after 3 years awaiting Brexit, and still there are those trying to stop a democratic process? Why do some of the electorate believe we cannot survive without the EU, perhaps they should read our article.

David Bellamy, the botanist, author and environmental campaigner – remember him?  He said in 2009, “I’m sceptical about man-made climate change. There’s absolutely no proof that carbon dioxide will kill us all. It’s not a poison, it’s the most important gas in the world. Carbon dioxide is an airborne fertiliser. How can farmers grow increasing amounts of food without a rise in CO2?”

Now in his ‘80’s, it was his scepticism that signalled the end of his career from the BBC.  Having spoken out in 1996 on Blue Peter about wind farms, he was no longer welcome at the BBC who turned more to David Attenborough who bought into the ‘groupthink’ to which the BBC also are a part.

Why must ‘A and B’ be accepted? Can we not debate or hear another side to the argument or at the very least be re-examined by competent, credible experts. Some say that small increases in temperature can be hard to measure because they can be masked by natural variation.  In cycles of warming and cooling in the oceans, there are small changes in temperature but these stay mainly in the ocean.  As the amount of man-made CO2 goes up, temperatures do not rise at the same rate.

I am certainly no expert, nor do I claim to understand the Climate Change theory, but I would like to hear publicly from those that disagree, and then maybe I can independently decide.  But that’s not what the ‘groupthink’ want – they want Can we not hear or debate what other scientists are discovering?

Pat Michaels, an American academic at the Center for the Study of Science, who is among a number of academics with legitimate climate science credentials and who downplays the human contribution to rising temperatures, had his prominent centre that challenged climate science, closed down by a think tank organisation.

‘Groupthink’ – rise in taxes, funding for scientists, profits for companies, shares for the ‘elites’.

They will decide what you think, how you feel, what you believe – ‘groupthink’.  Choose otherwise and you are part of the ‘outgroup’ and must be vilified.

People are beginning to realise and wake up – in Germany, in France, in Poland, in Austria, in Sweden, in Denmark, in the USA, in U.K. – if you adhere to the groupthink, then you’ll believe it is all a matter of conspiracy theories; your media, your newspapers won’t tell you for they too are now following the ‘groupthink’.

What is groupthink? Its a way the ‘globalist elites’ are controlling you!  All I can suggest is wake-up!  Do not stay a ‘sheep’.  Let’s be able to hear both sides of the argument and debate in a rational discussion rather than be subjected to a ‘nanny state’ which tells you what to believe, what to do with your life.

Think. Read. Speak to others and perhaps, just perhaps, we could save ourselves and our future generation from a controlled 1984 future.