Climate …….changes

Climate changes but is it the people who are responsible?

It’s gone too far now – you are responsible for EVERYTHING! In a recent TV programme, I listened to a top Scientist stating that since the beginning, the Earth has met many challenges, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs by a meteorite hitting the earth, hot periods, the ice age, the small ice age, floods, to name but a few and each time, Earth survived. Why? Because the Earth has a way of healing itself and to evolve within changing times.

Today, it would seem, humans are responsible for the near fatal apocalypse that is coming our way due to Co2 emissions. Washing at cold temperatures, changing our cars, eating no meat, fish or dairy products, not buying new things but mending and making do, using dishwashers and no more using the tap to rinse the plates, that’ll save it!

To just say that above, I will be classed ‘a denier’. I am not denying anything. I am simply saying that I would like a debate on whether C02 emissions are totally responsible, albeit some scientists now say the percentage is going down and whether people truly play a major part. Why are just the people responsible, when there are other matters that should be brought into the equation such as volcanoes, the sun, the axis, the fact the moon is edging away from us every year, to name just some. Why is it the media state that ALL scientists agree, when this is just not true. (those that want to keep their job or receive funding will no doubt agree). To say its only the people, is to allow control. Control what you eat, what you buy, what you use, where you live, what you think whilst some gain more power and money, even allegedly Royals! *

Whenever have ALL scientists EVER agreed anything? They can’t even agree on Covid, so why this?

Yet in October, UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) will be held in Scotland. How many aeroplanes, churning out their fumes, will be landing in Glasgow? How many will be on their mobiles, using electronic gadgets?
Why the UN? This organisation was created in 1945 to maintain international peace and security, give humanitarian assistance to those in need, protect human rights, and uphold international law. But it would seem the UN now is heading towards becoming a One World Government. Have you read Agenda 21?

I’m all for cleaner air, better use of resources and looking after our planet, but what I’ve seen growing so far is the formation of a new frenzied religion. I want plastic out, but nearly most products I buy are in plastic, so don’t blame me, blame the manufacturers who continue. I have never thrown anything in the sea, so don’t blame me, but it too breaks my heart seeing the sea contaminated and the sea creatures suffering. But if you don’t agree with every word, then you are a ‘denier’. People attack you on social media and its almost as if a ‘climate inquisition’ has emerged. They already have their ‘child saviour’ and even the future King of England, Prince Charles stands and makes speeches, desperate for a photo opportunity with the Saviour and saying he believes we should be taxed more; so much for the Crown remaining politically neutral!

“The leaked documents showed the Duchy of Cornwall estate secretly bought shares worth $113,500 (£86,000) in a firm in Bermuda in 2007 that could benefit from changes in rules, according to the BBC’s Panorama.” link to article here

I just want a debate like any other issue, but Climate Change has not been debated in this country, just pushed down your throat and you are expected to become a ‘believer’ and obey the rules and statements, no questions asked. It was a breathe of fresh air, hearing GB News attempt to at least discuss the issue, as the BBC and Sky have become the Government Mouthpiece for the issue.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe in it” (Goebbels)

When did we ever debate? It just happened. Whenever did we hear from ALL scientists? If you disagree, that’s fine, but why is it that believers in this Climate Change Religion go crazy, almost hysterical at me for disagreeing? If you don’t believe in God, have you ever witnessed a religious believer go so crazy and shout ‘heretic’? Why can’t you debate? Is there no longer free speech, freedom of thought?

A colleague here at Simply D’Elite has written a great article (read it here) which I hope you will take time to read.

His only interest is not to convert the reader to his opinion alone but to encourage you enough to investigate, research and evaluate information and opinions of other other scientists. As he warns the reader….

Finally – The Precautionary Principle(Principle 15 of Agenda 21 – we should act anyway, just in case)

“ We’ve got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing” – US Senator Timothy Wirth 1993.

“no matter if the science warming is all phony…climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world” – Canadian Environment Minister, Christine Stewart.

The link between the Club of Rome and Agenda 21 to climate change is here brought into the light.

Perhaps if you agree, we should all assemble and create a Movement? A Movement to argue that this government has not only gone too far, and that we demand a debate on the issue, for it will affect each and every one of us. It was the Conservative Party, who used to stand for less Government, lower taxes that the majority voted in, but it would seem that the Party Leader’s wife has more say than we. Why are we expected to soon have to pay thousands for a new boiler, a new car, when those that will suffer have had no say?

I will leave you to let us know in the comments below. Should we come together to demand a debate, or lie down, and just accept? If you leave unwanted, rude comments, they’ll just be deleted.


  • Ronnie Sanderson

    Climate change is a natural occurrence.
    It has nothing to do with human interference.
    This planet was here billions of years before we arrived, it will continue to be here billions of years after we are extinct!

  • If you look on YouTube and also look for available books on climate change you will find a sizeable opposition to the “official” story on climate change. There is a mass of information showing significant numbers, often MORE than 50% of climate scientists disagreeing with the official story. It seems clear to me that the NWO agenda (which I came across over 30 years ago) is steaming towards population reduction. It is ironic to find people such as Obama buying very expensive property on the US east coast when it might be underwater next Wednesday? What is significant to me is that the young are being brainwashed from 4 years old onward. As for Charles, I doubt many see him as other than an idiot? I suspect that the kickback is slow gaining traction. Covid has opened the world’s eyes to the stupidity of governing bodies the world over.

  • Nick Darlington is an excellent resource for independent climate information started by former US meteorologist Anthony Watts which provides a more balanced view than the ‘science is settled’ blinkered approach by the mass media

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