“It’s Time” Debate Climate Change

Robin Davies, Barrister takes up the mantel to campaign for an open, honest, televised debate on Climate Change “IT’S TIME”.

Author : Robin Davies, Barrister
Author : Robin Davies, Barrister

Robin describes why it is time for a Public Debate on Climate Change. It is imperative that the Public should have an opportunity to decide before we embark on changes to our Society which might prove disastrous.

It is refreshing to find Robin Davies, Barrister who, without claiming to have all the answers and unafraid of ‘cancel culture’, is brave enough to speak out for those scientists who have been ‘silenced’ and all those similar branded ‘deniers’, ‘heretics’! The public must be made aware that there is another credible answer.

Robin Davies, Barrister is campaigning, “It’s Time”, for an open, honest, public and possibly televised debate on Climate Change and the disastrous #NetZero. He has no political or activist alliance.

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Below Robin gives his reasons why he believes a public debate is necessary.

Listen to Robin giving a speech regarding the Campaign here


“The Science is settled – 97% of all Scientists agree”

This is false. It is time for a Public Debate!

General factual observations

  1. This is not a debate about Climate Change per se.  The Climate has historically been always subject to change.
  2. It is not a debate about taking care of the environment, albeit there should be a debate on the manner and extent and not influenced by ideological environmentalists.
  3. The debate will take place in the knowledge that no scientist fully understands the Climate system as a whole and the relative dependencies of its several parts.

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 Why is a Public Debate necessary

The UK Government is proposing changes, in pursuit of driving CO2 emissions down to net zero, involving an estimated expenditure of 1.7 trillion pounds (and rising) and affecting the daily life of the population, which will catastrophically impact on the economy of the UK and the lives & freedoms of its citizens.

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The Arguments For and Against

For the accepted narrative

The proposition put forward by the UN and accepted by most of the governments of the western democracies and the mass media, including in particular the BBC is:

  1. The Planet is warming alarmingly due to an increase in Co2 emissions caused by humans known as “Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)”. When Co2 increases it causes the temperature to rise.
  2. “The Science” is settled. 97% of all scientists agree. There is a “Consensus”. Anyone who disagrees is a denier and heretic.
  3. The Sun and clouds should be ignored as being irrelevant.
  4. The proof is in the results of computer modelling indicating the rise in Co2 and the rise in temperature and predicting a catastrophic rise in temperature. Also, in a litany of weather events as symptoms of the change in climate.

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For the unheard scientists

The alternative scientific argument from the unheard scientists is:

  1. Any increase in temperature is not due to a rise in Co2. There might be correlation but there is no cause and effect.  Historic ice core records show that a rise in temperature occurs an average of 800 years before the rise in Co2.  Co2 constitutes 0.04% of the “greenhouse gases” and the human contribution represents 3.5% of that 0.04%. The current level of Co2 in the atmosphere is 415 ppm (parts per million). It was about 6,000 ppm at the time modern life emerged. It then sank to about 500 ppm in the Carboniferous period and recovered to 2,500 ppm during the Jurassic period. Historic records reveal that Co2 and temperature are out of sync more often than in sync. Co2 has been very low when temperatures have been very high and temperatures have been very low when Co2 has been very high. Co2 is very important to life, agriculture and plants.
  2. The “Science” is not settled and there is not a Consensus. Consensus is a political word not scientific. Science is a process. There are many scientists, including very eminent ones, who do not agree with the generally accepted narrative. Other scientists are wary of speaking out against the narrative for fear of losing their funding or being published in peer review publications. The views of these scientists are unheard and not taken into account.
  3. Computer modelling results have been proved to be significantly wrong and contrary to the observed data subsequently verified e.g. it was predicted that all Arctic ice will have disappeared by 2020. It is still there in 2022. Computer modelling is an unreliable tool for predicting the future of the climate particularly when the effect of the sun, clouds and the movement of the oceans are excluded.
  4. Scientific studies have shown that the Sun, clouds and the tilt of the earth and rotation of the earth are more likely to have an impact on the Climate.
  5. Weather events such as tornados, fire, increase in sea levels, melting are by no means unusual and alarming. Tornados are less in number than 30 years ago.

It is time for a Public Debate so that the Public can have an opportunity to decide whether to embark on the changes to our Society which might prove disastrous.

Each side to express their opinions in detail separately in an independent agreed TV studio.

Robin said “I believe that due to the fact that we are embarking, in this country, on expenditure of huge amounts which could break the economy and that we are putting the population into a situation of great harm in the terms of cost of living, the turmoil of someone telling them how to heat their house, what to eat and so forth, it is extremely important that there should be a debate.  This debate should be held open, honest and public possibly on TV, but on an ‘election type’ basis, where each side can present, without too much intrusion, their point of view, and indeed perhaps lead towards some sort of public vote.”

This is what we are campaigning for with “It’s Time“.

Robin, of welsh parentage, was educated at Tonbridge School,
Kent. Awarded a Degree of Bachelor of Laws by University of
London and was called to the Bar at Honourable Society of
the Inner Temple.

His interest in climate change stems from his interest in justice.
He feels a case should be based on evidence and be fairly

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