Free Energy For All

free energy for all

If I told you that you could have FREE energy, would you want it?

If I told you that you could get free energy – free energy for housing, electric cars etc – within a day – end the cost-of-living crisis – would you take it?  Never mind Net Zero, how about Zero Energy?

Of course, you would, but the World Elites have made sure you will not. The World Elites, or New World Order, have other ideas. Money has become their God and the pursuit of it, their religion, their reward, world maximum control and governance.

We give below three facts but do so after, not wearing tin-foiled hats, but after lengthy research with open-minds. No doubt, some will call us ‘nutters’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’, so be it. But remember how many were called ‘conspiracy theorists’ when revealing they believed they had found information that China was behind the Coronavirus out-break? How many are called ‘racists’ for simply stating that they worry too many people are in the U.K., and there just isn’t enough schools, hospitals, homes for everyone?

How many believe that mankind is the reason for ‘climate change’ when common-sense will tell you that its the biggest hoax against mankind?  No-one voted for Klaus Schwab, yet whatever he demands, countries follow and if you dare to ask for a debate on the subject because NOT all scientists agree, you will be shouted down as a ‘denier’ or worse. Ofcom do not allow for another side to the argument to be openly mentioned, let alone debated within the media. Freedom of thought and speech is being closed down. Thousands of scientists signed a Declaration to the fact that they don’t agree that mankind is to blame for climate change, yet no media will mention this. So to the three facts that we present you :

1. Firstly, Nikola Tesla. 
He died alone in his hotel bedroom in 1943. The FBI seized his belongings, and it was reported that John G. Trump, an uncle to Donald Trump and a top engineering professor at M.I.T., was called in by the FBI, to analyse the items. He concluded that there was nothing that constituted a hazard in other hands. However, it is reported that some of Tesla’s papers and work had conveniently disappeared. Tesla’s free electricity model was based on the idea that the Earth’s natural electrical charge could be harnessed to generate electricity. He believed that by tapping into the planet’s electrical energy, he could create a device that would provide free, unlimited energy to the entire world. These fluid electrical charges running beneath the earth’s surface, when interrupted by a series of electrical discharges at repeated set intervals would generate a limitless power supply. He built a large-scale prototype of his tower in Colorado Springs, but it all ended due to funding. If it had been successful and funded to production, it would have had a profound impact on the world. Free electricity would impact positively with the environment, eliminate energy production and distribution systems, and allowed resources for other economic activities. It would have spurred innovation, encouraged innovative technologies. It would have profoundly brought an end to energy poverty. The third-world would jump at this knowledge, be self-sufficient at every local level. His grand vision was to set free humankind from the burdens of extracting, pumping, transporting, and burning fossil fuels which, he viewed as ‘sinful waste.’ He said “nature has infinite energy, stored up in the universe’ that we can all use – free. Where are all his plans, his scientific completed work? Why have they conveniently disappeared?

2. Secondly, the findings of Gary McKinnon.
In March, 2002. Gary McKinnon, the British man who was accused of hacking into the US Department of Defence computers, as well as Nasa computers, was threatened with extradition.
Luckily for him, Theresa May, as then Prime Minister stepped in to halt procedures.
What Gary McKinnon found seems to agree somewhat with our first point above.  He found in classified documents that certain secretive parts of the American Government Intelligence Agencies did have access to crashed extra-terrestrial technology which could save us in the form of a free, clean, pollution-free energy. McKinnon also found that the USA have in fact, together with other countries, such as the UK, Australia, Canada, created a ‘space fleet.’  He revealed that he found the existence of an off-world fleet. We are so advanced, he concluded. We are developing systems in space that is becoming a threat. These people use the tech now recklessly by using it to track and target these aliens which could result in a crises – using beam-energy technology to target and bring down alien spacecrafts. In summary, not only were Tesla’s final free energy plans and documents seized, never to be seen by the public again, but the Elites have utilised Tesla’s theories with new-found technology to enhance our own ability for free energy but have used this technology for military use.

Light beam targeting UFOs

3. Thirdly, Dr. Wernher von Braun.
Dr Wernher von Braun, ex Director of the CIA, when on his deathbed, spoke to Carol Rosin, a former leading Aerospace Executive and Space & Missile Defence Consultant with whom Von Braun became good friends late in his life. She testified before the American Congress that over the 4 years she knew him, up until his death in 1977, Wernher had repeatedly warned that once all other methods of control and manipulation through fear, or ‘threat cards,’ have been played by the powers that be, (communism, then terrorism, then ‘crazy’ third world leaders, then asteroids,) “the alien card is the final card.” “We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.” 
Wernher admitted late in life that humans have possessed anti-gravity / beam-energy technology since WWII. Von Braun also pointed out in the ‘70’s, fossil fuels had been obsolete for decades, as humanity could now easily convert to a long-supressed, free-energy technology at any time.  Dr Wernher von Braun also confirmed that the World Elites’ Military have had back-engineered alien technology since the ‘80’s; some films you see are them, the World Elite Military using robotic systems within the crafts, other times, some are actually aliens. Under his dying breath, he warned of a terrible plan – the disclosure of peaceful Extra-terrestrial Civilisations would eventually be hijacked by the Elites and spun as a threat to embolden and enrich the Military-Industrial Complex and justify a global fascist takeover. This plot, he claimed, would culminate in a hoaxed alien invasion that would fool every military and political leader on the planet. A false Flag Operation Aka False Indication & Warning – a military tactic to create an illusion by often attacking yourself helps to get the public behind an idea. Look at WMD, (weapons of mass destruction) how many thousands of people were taken in by that headline? WMD war is for war profiteers; those that manufacture weapons, etc. Already, America has played out three videos worldwide showing ‘UFOs’ or ‘UAP’s as they now wish to refer to them by, in the sky. The ‘Tic Tac,’ the ‘Gimbal.’ These pilots are not lying. They are truly shocked by what they see. But what the public don’t know is that these ‘UFO’s’ are from the deep black programmes. 

The World Elites have their own military, their own scientific departments separate to the rest of the world. These are back engineered alien reproductive vehicles, ARVs, and will be used to stage an ‘alien invasion’ from outer space. There always needs to be a bad guy, the enemy, China, Russia, terrorists, Brexit – ‘planes will fall out of the sky’, climate change, pandemics, to keep you under control with fear, and the last card, Aliens.

Just recently, in the public American Congressional Hearing, CIA, retired pilots and Pentagon whistle-blowers are choosing to openly discuss what they know, what they have seen, and what they believe to be happening in secret. These whistle-blowers actually agreed to further reveal more secretive details to Congress but that this would be done privately and behind closed doors for national security and fear of retaliation.

Only yesterday, they confirmed that it is their belief that alien spaceships had crashed on earth; these spaceships were in possession of a secret department in the US and that there were also bodies of aliens within their possession and that black programmes were being funded by the American taxpayers and billions of dollars could not be accounted for. The Global Elites have hidden Deep Black programmes from the World for centuries. According to many specialised UFO organisations, they have the evidence to prove this as well as much more. Already, the Elites have proved that they can achieve worldwide lockdowns, have authoritarian control, you will soon hear the drip, drip, drip, of UAPs, alien stories, UAP films being ‘leaked’ out. Psychologically getting closer to the public believing an alien invasion is a threat and imminent.

Why is it that many other countries have had similar experiences, even in the U.K., but nothing more is said. It is rumoured that other countries need to report back to the US on any sightings/crashes. It is said that only a few years ago there was a crash in Italy and the Americans came and collected all evidence. Why? How does our Government and Special Services play a part in this programme? Even former head of the Canada Defence, the late Paul Hellyer, called on all Governments to reveal their UFO information to the public. After he left office, ex-President Sarkozy of France sent out a letter to the French Initiative asking for peaceful engagement with alien civilisation to happen.

Many have claimed they believe they have proof that aliens are friendly; after all, if we are to believe that some are actually living within our world already, possibly under the sea or in the Antarctic, then they have had a long time to engage in warfare, but so far, have not. This does not sound hostile. Foremost, energy could be free, but only if the People of the World stand up and fight back and demand their human right. As for an alien race – several organisations, and people within the public congressional hearing recently agreed there is something out there, many have proof that it is from an alien encounter that humans have obtained the knowledge and are not sharing this with the rest of the world. It is said that an alien spoke with Colonel Philip Corso in New Mexico in the 1950’s and when asked by the Colonel, what’s in it for us, the reply from the Alien was ‘a new world if you can take it.’

Is it not time we stopped screaming ‘conspiracy theorist’ and looked at the data and listened? Demand to know the truth, as we cannot allow these Elite Psychopaths to speak for the human race nor prevent us from owning free energy.  It is your world too.

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