Climate Change Declaration

There is No Climate Emergency

97% of scientists DO NOT agree with this Climate Change narrative. Over a thousand scientists and professionals have signed a ‘World Climate Declaration’. So no more, ‘you’re a denier’ response.

You can read it here

This is why we believe that NOW is the time for the people of the UK to know what has been held from them.

There are two sides to every debate and its time we were heard. We are currently working on organising an open, honest televised debate to the U.K. Watch this space.


  • Andrew Holgate

    You need to dig deep into the natural and political aspects of the Global Warming debate and discredited science, to answer fundamental questions that reveal the all-too-human origins of “scientific” inquiry. Why and how are some of the world’s most prestigious scientific institutions cashing in? Who stands to benefit most by promoting public climate change alarmism? What true political and financial purposes are served by the vilification of C02 which is essential to the process of photosynthesis? How does the discredited science of Global Warming/ Climate Change deception promote grossly exaggerated claims for non-fossil alternative energy capacities and advance a blatant global wealth redistribution. Discredited science, on the other hand is the result of a deceptive act intended to hoodwink people through deliberate misinformation, including factual omissions. All lacking transparency. Isn’t it remarkable that a climate champion like Al Gore a former Democrat Vice President, who has recently become extremely wealthy, has never felt obliged to publicly disclose his large financial stakes in green market industries through his Generation Investment Management firm, or in Chicago Climate Exchange cap-and-trade legislation interests? Isn’t this more of an inconvenient truth than his own non lectures?

    It is from a recent quote I have copied, but I cant for the life of me remember who is the author! Anyway, I just write this as a caveat in case anyone accuses me of plagiarism.

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