Infiltrated Education

UK Universities

A student from University opens up to what is actually going on inside today. Let’s help Fran!

It is already well documented that the ‘left metropolitan Elite’ has infiltrated most institutions in this country.  But to be able to hear from an actual student within a University, who has actually experienced it, is not only an eye opener to the truth, but confirmation of what we feared was actually happening behind closed doors to our children.

Let’s call her Fran.  Fran recounts her time in one of these U.K. Universities where she says she found the whole experience very depressing.  Groups of left-wing lecturers, indoctrinating students into their hard left-wing ideology, taught from a completely one-sided perspective where any criticism was attacked or shutdown.  Left-wing ideologies, such as Socialism, Communism, Feminism, and Anarchism were top of the list and promoted heavily.  If any student expressed criticism, they were disputed by the lecturer; by contrast if any student expressed support, they were lavished with praise.

Fran goes on to say “The teaching was centered around the idea that there is no objective reality, and instead focusing on people’s perceptions and feelings as a way to understand the world, suggesting that everything is just a ‘social construct’. This teaching also focused heavily on race, gender and sexual orientation, which included an entire lecture on the whole ‘race is a social construct’ diatribe.”

The Universities, in particular, work with secret, hidden charities, such as ‘Common Purpose’; an organisation that we have already reported on here, and training courses were offered to students..  Common Purpose a secret charity working as an educational programme to which our civil servants, local authorities, government, judiciary, church, health, media have all received ‘indoctrination’.  Being a member is private and it is said that you cannot ‘talk’ outside of what goes on in any meeting?

They school in the art of enlightened leadership of multiculturalism and no doubt, ‘the new thinking’ left.

As well as this, many lecturers have been found to be members of hard left groups or organisations and would inevitably invite far more ‘left wing’ speakers to events.

In 2017, a study revealed that 80% of University lecturers were left-wing, a figure that has risen over the last few years.  This has been attributed to the process known as ‘the long march through the institutions.’ A deliberate tactic by the left to occupy positions within established institutions, and the use their platform within them, to politicise them, so that they propagate a left wing agenda.  Universities, media, BBC, Charities…..the list goes on.  They know exactly what they are doing and have worked for decades to build this influence.

Fran tried to ‘bring this out into the open’ on her own, but has since gone into ‘hiding’ because of the personal attacks she had to endure.  This is wrong and we must help Fran and all our young who realise the truth and our brave enough to speak out.

What can be done?  Not only must we bring this out for discussion, but perhaps look to the Government in respect of subsidies?  After all, to exist they rely on hands out from the Government to survive.  We should be asking our MPs to look into these locally, and call out those responsible; possibly withdraw funding.  These teachings no longer have any intellectual credibility or purpose in a democratic society.  After all, education from the Latin ‘educere’ to bring out; surely we owe Fran, and students like her, our support for change so that they are able to challenge, debate and bring out their ideas for their future and be free to think and gather their own conclusions?

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