Climate Carbon Passport

Welcome to your soon to be new additional passport! Yes, soon you will be able to remain at home and under the new Climate Personal Allowance Carbon Passport, collect carbon credits!

If you remain at home, under the soon to be implemented, ‘Climate Change Lockdowns’ you’ll be able to collect carbon credits! Not only that, you can also collect more credits by choosing certain products at the supermarket, stop eating meat, (basically go Vegan but by the Elite chosen brands), stop going out so much to restaurants, venues, restrict family and friend visits and even summer holidays! As airlines are already cancelling flights, you will note that flight costs will surge to unbelievable prices and that yearly summer holiday you used to have will be a memory of the past.

But remember – you are helping the planet! By being unselfish UK citizen and becoming a veggie, cardboard eating hermit, you will collect much needed carbon credits that you can then sell to the rich Elites so that they can remain flying around in their private jets! Don’t be selfish – we all need at least the yearly COP meetings!

Worried about your heating bills? Don’t worry, by staying in and doing as you are told, you can use some of your credits towards your heating bills. Not sure, think of it like rationing again in the 1940’s, only this time it won’t get better after the war.

You can even swap credits for a meat eating out dinner at your favourite restaurant, but please keep this to a minimum.

The initial Climate Carbon Passport will be given to people living on islands or uninhabitable countries due to Climate Change that need to come and live with you in your country – after all, it’s a Western society fault that we are here in the first place! “Countries like the UK with considerable responsibility for Climate Change should open their doors”, it is stated, yet there is no mention of India and China.

This policy was first brought to light in the Nature Sustainability article last year

“If we come together to meet the biggest challenges in medical biology, so too can we come together to meet the challenges of climate physics and the forces driving inequality.”  

Mark Carney, the global master of modern corporatism’s climate crusade

Having seen the effect of Covid lockdowns, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum said thatThe Great Reset’ is a major remake of global power and politics.  The possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination”.

According to an article from Canada, some 200 doctors around the world agreed that there was a call for emergency action to limit global temperatures, protect health.  The plan?  A Covid model.  How did 200 odd editors of medical journals become experts in climate science? They didn’t. Doctors and Dentists just followed the UN line.  They said “Governments must intervene to support the redesign of transport systems, cities, production and distribution of food, markets for financial investments, health systems, and much more.”

“distribution of food” – farmers are already fighting back in some european countries; some farmers have been asked to ‘cull’ their cows. Why? Once you control the food chain, you own the people.

Economist Mark Jaccard said “thanks to “the work of the COVID modellers” who forecast the effect of lockdown policies. “If you want to bend the infection curve to stop a pandemic, you turn to health policy modellers.” Therefore, “If you want to bend the GHG curve to stop climate change, you turn to climate policy modellers.”

And we all know how well allowing ‘medical modelling’ went during the pandemic lockdown?

 “The climate passport should initially grant access and rights equivalent to citizens’ rights in safe countries to the populations of SIDS (small island developing states) whose territory is at risk of becoming uninhabitable as a result of climate change.” “This plan would represent a form of climate justice as people could move to the richer countries which are most responsible for the emissions that are causing climate change.”

Will that be 100 GPs, rural workers, drivers or 100 murderers? How much more can one small island take?

This is all due to the fact that you have been told that YOU are responsible for Climate Change and CO2.  This just is NOT true!  It is the plan of the ‘Great Reset’.

So if you’re happy to isolate at home, have no more holidays abroad, eat out, attend functions/venues, restrict your time with family and friends and turn Vegan – then you’ll be happy when you get your Climate Carbon Passport! You’ll be able to sell your credits and enjoy a meal out, or a walk in the park with friends!


  • Pauline Davies

    We all know how plandemic modellers like Neil Ferguson got it completely wrong, so what makes anyone think they’ll get it right for the purported climate change. Only 100 publishers of climate publications, they obviously only consulted with those who agree, exactly the same as the aforementioned plandemic. We therefore have to react to this en masse and quickly. Do we have a strategy, if so I’d like to know. My view of food, etc is in the main having local communities who grow their own, just as a starter. PHS has the start of local communities providing health care, but they need volunteers who are at least first aid trained. They are asking fot £1 per month from everyone to provide ambulances, and requesting medical equipment donations from companies. In other words, we have to make ourselves self sufficient in our communities.

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