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In the novel, 1984, Great Britain (“Airstrip One”) became a province of a super state.  That super state ruled by one party who employed ‘thought police’ to persecute individualism and independent thinking. 

Look around you today! Doesn’t today – right now – resonate with the Orwellian 1984? 

Political Correctness

Take Political correctness – this isn’t really a phenomenon.  The origins of political correctness and its inherent relationship with liberal left-wing politics are clearly exposed as a deceptive attempt to silence open debate and entice you into a controlled way of thought and speech. 

The left will argue, stressing the importance of empathy, non-hate, non-offence, and protecting marginalised people; an appeal to your emotions, that your thoughts are far-right, extreme, and offensive. Yet it is those very people who spout language with a hatred tone, use the racist card, and undermine your abilities and thoughts.

A distinct feeling of guilt is imposed on historical past facts; a public apology for actions carried out under different times – an almost abhorrent behaviour towards our history and the aims to re-write it instead of learning lessons.

Why do universities now ensure that they retaliate against a speaker that doesn’t fit their narrative?  Take for example, Germaine Greer, Peter Tatchell – victims of ‘no-platforming’.  They may not be termed ‘to the right’, but neither do they fit the mould of the thought process expected today.  These new liberal left-wing thinkers have been brainwashed to resist any free speech or thought that does not match their implanted own. Listening to another’s point of view is no longer healthy, a learning curve or cause for a robust, respectful debate but the signal for an uproar from these new liberal left-wing individuals – ‘the new thinkers’, to shut down free speech, free thinking for they must resist any other point of view.

But today, it would appear they have progressed to not only their ideal of thought, but the control of that thought.

What has this to do with political correctness? It’s all part of the ‘plan’.
What’s the saying? From little acorns………..

We are not making any accusations against anyone – merely presenting the facts.

Charitable Status

There is a ‘charity’, a ‘secret society’, an educational programme to which our civil servants, local authorities, government, judiciary, church, educationalists, health, media have all received ‘educational programmes’.

What better way, (thanks to Tony Blair for amending the Charity rules by the Charity Act 2006) but to start a ‘Charity’.  Charities used to be formed as non-profit making organisations in order that they would raise money and relieve poverty, homelessness, or for educational purposes for the poor.  There are, now, almost as many charities in the U.K., as there are businesses, if not more! There are about 13 or more reasons why you can start a Charity! And all now have to be to the benefit of the public.

One such charity is Common Purpose.  I would dispute it’s a Charity, but more like a very lucrative business. The founder of this ‘Charity’ is Julia Middleton. Her aim is to create ‘leaders’ on a global stage.  These programmes have included Government Officials, civil servants, health, local authority officials to the police, media, church and educators.  They will be schooled in the art of enlightened leadership of multiculturalism and no doubt ‘the new thinking’ left.  There are apparently hardly any photographs of this woman, and hardly most of the public have heard of Common Purpose.  Why such the secrecy?  You would have thought the media, such as the BBC, would jump at the chance to scrutinise the Charity and investigate Julia Middleton – but then the BBC has sent numerous top executives on her leadership courses. 

At about £5,000 plus a time, it’s not very cheap for a Charity?
At £10,000 a go, students can attend a CSC Leaders Conference, part 1 in the U.K. and part 2 carried out somewhere in a Commonwealth city.

How is this Charity benefiting the public?

According to Quentin Letts, (“How the Elites betrayed Britain” – a recommended good read),
“She even recommends that they occasionally appoint ‘useful idiots’ and ‘expert idiots’ to help them see off the threat from Right-wing sceptics whom she calls ‘black holes’……….’Go to a meeting or an event that you, and others, who know you, would consider it unlikely that you would normally be at, it suggests, as this will help leadership pupils be seen as outward-looking and therefore better able to command obedience in committees.”……Seek out opportunities that will give you the experience of being in a minority, an outsider, declares Middleton.  Middleton says that if you are going to make it into the ‘outer circles’ (by which she means the inner circles of her global elite), you have to believe in diversity.”

Secret Society

Why does Common Purpose operate under Chatham House Rules: “When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.” and also imposed on all their courses.

This is a very odd thing for a charity to do.  Do charities, such as Cancer Research or The Salvation Army, two well-known good charities, work under ‘the Chatham Rules’? However, it would certainly explain why the media are now ‘one –sided and bias’; how our politicians have become corrupted and undemocratic; how the young appear so single minded in their ideas.

In their accounts, Common Purpose say their objects are ‘the advancement of education for the public benefit and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to educate men and women and young people of school age……in constitutional, civic, economic and social studies with special emphasis on civil and social awareness.’

They even have a US body where they ‘educate’ civil leaders and universities, as well as ‘educating’ emerging leaders in the U.K.

How is this of benefiting to the U.K. public?

Their funding, yes, of course, came from the E.U. and ‘supporters who act as advisors, speakers, contributors and hosts on course days. Who are those ‘supporters’?

In one BBC article, they defended Common Purpose saying that it was merely conspiracy theorists who accuse them of having a hidden agenda, promoting a European super-state and imposing political correctness on people.


In an article in the Scottish Daily Mail (2012)

“At a working dinner, hosted by Julia Middleton, an event written for the New Statesman magazine by one of the attendees, journalist Robert Peston, describes a debate on media standards with two editors, another BBC executive, an investment banker, a Bank of England luminary, academics and a bishop. One of Middleton’s skills is to persuade police constables, youth group organisers, permanent secretaries, FTSE chief executives and head teachers that they can learn from each other and could even cure some of society’s ills.

The article goes on to say “Indeed, like some giant octopus, Common Purpose’s tentacles appear to reach into every cranny of the inner sanctums of Westminster, Whitehall and academia – bodies that often view Britain’s unruly, disruptive press with disdain and distrust.”

 “Common Purpose almost certainly breached the Data Protection Act.  Its connected to some of Britain’s most powerful lobby and PR groups, who influence on British politics has provoked continuing controversy.

Their linked figures have a significant influence on the appointments process in Whitehall.”

In her book, ‘Beyond Authority’, Middleton sets out the Charity’s leadership philosophy, she describes how she was told ‘by a group of peers’ the way to ‘force’ issues on to the agenda at Westminster.  It required ‘a small committed and co-ordinated group of people producing pressure from the outside, with two or three determined fifth columnists on the inside.  And the stamina from both groups to keep on and on and on putting them on the agenda until they eventually had to be discussed….’

In another passage she wrote ‘I spoke to a friend recently who described how she had set someone up.  Using all her charm and flattery, she had drawn him in and then installed him as a convenient useful idiot…. My friend’s intention was to get him to produce a report which she knew full well would be a perfect smokescreen for her own activities’.

They say people who bang on about leadership are themselves often frustrated megalomaniacs. 

Middleton has also been instrumental in the founding of the left wing think-tank (charity) Demos (Soros funded) which was described by the Pearson owned Economist magazine as ‘Britain’s most influential think-tank’.

Is this potentially a very bad influence on our society; a conspiracy or are we just too naïve?

Even David Cameron, the then Prime Minister, failed to disclose his ties to Common Purpose and that he was a Patron of one of their initiatives ‘Dishaa Venture’.  He even praised them, saying ” ‘As Dishaa shows, this is not just a business to business, commerce to commerce relationship – it’s a political relationship, it’s a diplomatic relationship, it’s a cultural relationship and contains a lot of people to people contacts.’  Common purpose is a charity and is not political?

Even Boris Johnson held an event in their honour for participants.

The Telegraph ran an article wherein the MP, Philip Davies said “I would always advise caution when it comes to being involved with any organisation that has close links with Common Purpose,” Mr. Davies, a member of the Commons media select committee, said. “Common Purpose is a very secretive organisation which I think the Prime Minister would do well to be wary of.”

“They are trying to get their tentacles into every nook and cranny of the Establishment to pursue their Leftist, pro-European political agenda. “Of course, Common Purpose doesn’t want a free Press because a free Press exposes what they are up to.”

Common Purpose spends millions of taxpayers’ money on sending public servants on its courses.  Three of the six Leveson assessors have Common Purpose connections.  Many who provided hostile anti-press evidence are linked to senior figures at the Media Standards Trust and Hacked Off.  Media Standards Trust has strong links to Ofcom.  Ex-chairman is Lord Curie, a Leveson assessor.

One of the ex Trustees and former Chairman of Common Purpose was Sir David Bell.  Together with Middleton, Sir Bell set up Media Standards Trust, a lobby group and presented evidence at the Leveson inquiry.  Media Standards Trust shared the same headquarters as Common Purpose, and they established ‘Hacked Off’ the anti-popular press campaign group. Notably, the EU poured millions into initiatives and groups wanting to regulate the press.

Hacked Off Campaign which seemed to appear from nowhere (some of the Trustees – a guardian journalist, a BBC correspondent, Goldman Sachs, Baroness Kennedy) was present at secretive late-night talks with ministers in the Labour leader Ed Milliband’s office which brokered a deal to set up a system of regulation of the Press according to the Telegraph.  Hacked Off Campaign came from the Media Standards Trust of which Middleton and Bell are Directors. In August, 2012, the Hacked Off Campaign became an independent organisation and is still a limited company.  Read more from The Telegraph

It was stated at the time that Common Purpose were not involved, but clearly the Directors are in each organisation and as the Telegraph stated ‘of course, Common Purpose don’t want a free Press because a free Press exposes what they are up to’.

‘Hacked Off’ were also partly funded and staffed by Sovereign Strategy, described by the Guardian once as ‘Labour’s favourite lobbyist’.  Sovereign Strategy is owned by Alan Donnelly, the former Labour leader in the European Parliament and ex-chairman of David Milliband’s constituency Labour party.
Mr. Donnelly lives with his partner, Peter Power, a close associate of Lord Mandelson. Lord Jack Cunningham was a board Member (2002-07) and chaired the inaugural meeting of Hacked Off when it was launched at the House of Lords.  Horatio Mortimer worked as a ‘strategic consultant’ and was a friend of Formula One chief Max Mosley’s late son, Alex.  Max Mosley is a client of Sovereign Strategy. Media Standards Trust boss, Martin Moore said “We met with Lord Cunningham and others, including Alan Donnelly, who said they could help us however we liked.” Read story here

Sir Bell also sat on the committee that appoints Britain’s top 200 Civil servants and listed as ‘Chairman of Common Purpose Europe’ under the heading, ‘who we are’.

A Director at the Trust for Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the organisation that took their ‘McAlpine exclusive’ to the BBC, Bell is a well-connected member of Britain’s liberal elite.

A Lib Dem donor and one time SDP activist, and once chairman of the Financial Times, he is the most zealous supporter of the European Union.

Whilst investigating, this interesting note was found on a students’ web site forum.  The student had gone to a link regarding Common Purpose that listed past ‘graduates’ and upon searching, found his college tutor.

Anonymous said…

I knew it! One of my college tutors is on there. I always suspected, especially when she proudly declared “I’m a citizen of the world!” when a student asked why she didn’t seem Patriotic during a history lesson.

She also put posters up around college for Unite in the run up to the European Election which read “Stop the fascist BNP” (promptly defaced or torn down of course).
Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I knew she was a treasonous Red subversive all along and now I have proof.

The main concern about Common Purpose appears to mainly arise from its ‘graduates’ not only being drawn from our government, public services, media, charities etc., but also the fact that they require applicants ‘to have attained leadership status’ within their present organisation. So their ‘charitable aims’ to educate  in ’constitutional, civic, economic and social studies with special emphasis on civil and social awareness and responsibility’ is only open to a select few; and those ‘few’ are chosen by them, i.e., supplier is choosing the client, not the other way around.  Combine this with the fact that much has been reported about it providing networking opportunities and its carries out networking behind closed doors sworn in secrecy, suggests a rather unhealthy and deeply disturbing influence for a ‘charity’.

Are all these people who have written articles conspiracy theorists?  Why does an organisation like this deserve charitable status and taxpayers’ money?  How is this ‘secret society’ of any benefit to the public?  Is the new fad of ‘fake news’ part of the plan?  Is this how our young, politics and media is being brainwashed?

You decide.

I think it’s time the Silent Majority came together to put an end to all this, don’t you?

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