Here is more up-to-date news on the new Channel – GB News

Great News! GB News will be coming soon and we hope to see not only Andrew Neil but also ex BBC Simon McCoy perhaps in the afternoons!  Michael Portillo and Dianne Abbot apparently will make appearances on political shows.

Other names you may be familiar with are Michelle Dewberry, Colin Brazier (Sky), Darren McCaffrey covering politic news, former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips, Andrew Doyle aka Titania McGrath.

Let’s hope this is the Channel we have all been waiting for, a breath of fresh air, a channel that tells the news not dictates the news; a Channel that covers the 5 principles of journalism, that most journalists seem to have forgotten – Truth & Accuracy, Independence, Fairness & Impartiality, Humanity and Accountability.

We wait and see………………

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  • However welcome this news channel will be – and that’s assured, the longer that you string out the opening programme, so the greater will be the loss of interest.

    Building up a programme, assuring the world that it’s not far away, presumably in the hope of the entire initiative gaining momentum, puts your plans at risk.

    This isn’t a Bakeoff final – And the winner is …….. and then keep the audience hanging on ~ we’re grown adults, please be kind enough to treat us as such.

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