Thousands upon thousands of Leave voters are getting louder!

Since our last press release, we are happy to inform you that we are now supported so strongly.  Thank you to every Leave supporter. We now stand at over 1,000,000 supporters yet there are so many more of you out there!

The List is not a political group. It is a cross alliance movement of ordinary Leave voters determined to have their voice heard!

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – “Article 21 (3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government…”

The List and alliance Groups support

  • No Single Market
  • No Customs Union
  • No European Courts
  • No Money to the EU
  • No to EU Army (PESCO)
  • No Transition
  • Regain Fishing Waters
  • Rebate due to Farmers
  • Share of EU profits for which the UK handsomely contributed over the years
  • Control our own Borders
  • Free Trade Deal (failing which, we trade under WTO rules)

None of the above, then we LEAVE on 29th March, 2019 – No Deal!
Brexiteers will not allow them to thwart the process and will fight for our democratic right .We will not stand by and let the metropolitan elite and those voted to represent us, dictate what happens to our country when we have already given our advice – LEAVE.  We are the UNITED Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England.

The storm is coming……………..Brexiteers are rising up, once again, and we will join again, all 17.4 million and possibly now more, to fight for our country. The Phoenix has risen! (see below on how you too can  join the fight!)


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