The EU, now the WHO and UN! Don’t be controlled! SIGN the DECLARATION. It is illegal to give away our Sovereignty externally!

It is now even more imperative to sign and seal this Declaration under an Act of Parliament. The UK government is now supporting a legally-binding treaty to strengthen pandemic prevention, by passing control and our sovereignty to the WHO!

You may think Brexit is done and dusted, but we believe that how we originally were taken into the EU, was done so illegally and against our Constitution. In 1973, Mr. Edward Heath, the then Prime Minister signed away our Sovereignty to the EU without our consent. Then, in 1975, Mr. Harold Wilson, the Prime Minister gave a Referendum to the People on whether we wished to remain. The Electorate did not know nor understand exactly what they were voting to remain in; most believing it was just a common market. Over the years, more and more of our sovereignty and powers were given away to a foreign entity without our Consent. 

THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT BREXIT – IT’S ABOUT YOUR SOVEREIGNTY. We believe this will cover any attempt to try and be controlled by any foreign entity. Whether it’s the EU or now the WHO through the UN!!

This Declaration by the British People MUST be signed and contained within our uncodified Constitution and made legal by way of an Act of Parliament. SIGN HERE

The Electorate are Sovereign and delegate those powers to Members of Parliament at the time of election. It is for the Electorate to decide. It is NOT within the gift of the Crown and Parliament to transfer all or any of these powers, so delegated, to a foreign country or entity, and in doing so, externally. This is clearly forbidden by the laws of the Constitution. SIGN HERE

Our Campaign – The Declaration of the People

We believe therefore that this ‘Declaration’ must now be contained within our uncodified Constitution to confirm that Parliament has not had ever, nor at any future time will have, the power to transfer or give away the Sovereignty of the
United Kingdom to a foreign country or entity without the assent of the Electorate by way of a Referendum specifically set up for that purpose. We must protect future generations.

We continue to campaign for all our powers to be transferred back to the U.K., and we campaign for this, Our Declaration to be inserted within our Constitution or within an Act so that this may never happen again and in doing so, protect future generations. Now even more so, as this Government plans to sign a treaty with the UN to give away our Sovereignty in a legally binding Treaty to allow the United Nations to control pandemic prevention, and in doing so, control the nation externally. This is illegal under our Constitution. SIGN HERE

By clicking the link in red below, you can sign our Petition and support us in our endeavours.

Please read the Declaration below and if you want to protect your country, your children, your grandchildren’s’ future, then please sign and share. We must NEVER allow this to happen again. Our Country, Our Sovereignty, Our Voice.

We therefore present this open Declaration to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson together with a copy to Chloe Smith MP, Parliamentary Secretary (Minister for the Constitution) .

Read and sign here

Read the Authority on which we rely which tantamounts to Treason here