Sugar, salt, Fruit & Veg

Conservatives – less taxes, less bureaucracy.  That’s what they used to say, but it doesn’t seem they live by their word today.

Take the sugar tax; now salt tax, and getting your vegetables by prescription! Have the Conservatives gone mad?

If people want and like a product they’ll find a way to get it – such as ready meals, cakes.

Do restaurants limit the sugar and salt; are their prices due to go up?

It may be that it is for the Government to inform the public about any dangers, or harm to health, but surely it lies with the individual to make the choice? Whether that is drinking, smoking or eating. You may say, but there is the strain on the NHS from alcoholics, smokers, obesity – but who pays for the NHS? You don’t seem to worry about the hundreds of thousands of pounds squandered and ill spent by the NHS?

Vegetables by prescription? Have they really thought this through?

More paper used in the form of vouchers to be given out and the medical profession now ‘medicalising’ healthy eating instead of concentrating on the persons’ actual medical needs. How are they going to implement this plan when currently you are only able to get an ‘appointment’ with the GP by telephone?

Apparently this is based on an US project that involves doctors prescribing vouchers for fresh fruit and vegetables whilst also offering cooking lessons, nutritional education  and the teaching of ‘how to shop cleverly’ in shops and supermarkets. They estimate the cost to be around £2m a year over three years but do not state what those costs include.

Can someone please tell the Conservatives that there is far more important issues at this moment in time! Many people are suffering from Coronavirus, there is still a pandemic around. The economy is suffering. We have just started Brexit. Outer London needs investment desperately. People have either lost their jobs or are looking or are surviving on a lower income while we wait to come out of this pandemic. China is being allowed far too much freedom to become a large super power. Where did this virus come from? Why?

We had ‘5 a day’, how much did that cost the taxpayer?  Has it reaped awards? Obviously not.

Inform the public that its healthy to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, then allow the individual to live their life and make their own choices.

And it won’t stop there, they now hound you about what you eat, then it will be how much energy you are using in your home, how many children you have, do you smoke, do you drink, where do you go, who do you see…………….can you not see where this is going? Soon, we will be having to pay thousands to install electric heating because of ‘climate change’. It’s probably a bit like ‘diesel is better than petrol in cars’. Remember how thousands of us bought diesel? The only difference is that with the energy in your home and everyone going on smart meters and apps, they’ll be able to turn it off as well as keeping a close eye on you! As for supporting farmers, they’ll soon be a thing of the past and you will be getting all your weekly shop from the government or multi-billion companies. You may laugh, but you heard it here first.

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  • Anthony Barnes

    Time to drain the political swamp they have no Lawful Right to dictate what people can have let’s put an End to it now shall we, as there’s more important issues that need to be addressed not telling us what we can and can’t do as that is dictatorship I will not consent to no political tyranny to be allowed.

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