If there is to be any equality, let’s start with some respect! #InvisibleMe THIS IS PURE DISCRIMINATION.

There are very few individuals who cannot receive HPV vaccine“, say NHS England, so why me??

I’ve been locked in cupboards, abused and now all I need is an injection, which is routinely given out, for my future health! But yet again, because I have special needs, it’s back to the bottom of the pile, forgotten and mistreated by society!

How can you help?
Help me get my story out there. Help me to change hearts and minds. Help me to change the law so that people with special needs can also access the same legal rights as their abled counterparts – for we did not ask for this life, but if you were to step into our world, instead of asking us to work twice as hard, to fit into yours, you would see we have so much to offer you.

I need an HPV injection?

In 2006, I was 16.  I have never been offered this vaccine.  This is a vaccine for HPV (human papillomavirus) routinely given, since 2006, to school aged girls and boys aged 12 and 13.  Those that miss the vaccine can still be offered it up to their 25th birthday.  A course of 3 injections is required over 4-12 months if you are 15 years or older up to and including 45 years of age.

Who recommended and why do you need this?

My mother chose to seek a private second opinion from a Professor, after having been passed pillar to post within the NHS and getting no real explanation apart from sewing up the fissure obtaining the wart, which could resurface at any time.  This Professor is a Consultant Dermatologist & Hon Consultant Dermatologist – a highly experienced Dermatologist for some years with a special interest in skin cancers, male genital and HIV dermatology.  He has removed the HPV wart that has been giving me some pain and discomfort for over a year, but recommends that I receive the HPV injection from my local GP practice – receiving the injection would help to prevent any further reoccurrence or future serious problems, like cancer.

HPV (Human Papillomavirus is spread from any skin-to-skin contact of the genital area.  Many types affect the mouth, throat or genital area.  It’s easy to catch even by touching your genitals with someone else’s genitals that carry the HPV virus.  As the NHS states on line, “the virus can spread during any kind of sexual activity, including touching.  Most unvaccinated people will be infected some time in their life……….sometimes the infection stays in the body for many years, and then it may start to cause damage”.

These genital warts are distinguishable from ordinary warts, as their name indicates, they are most commonly found in the genital area as cauliflower-like clusters, tiny raised bumps.  Some types of HPV do not cause warts but can lead to certain cancers.

How did I get HPV wart on my private area?

I have severe special needs.  I do not have a girlfriend.  I have never had sex.

I was diagnosed with paraphimosis when I was about 20.  This is a sudden restriction and swelling of the foreskin.  The only operation I had in that area, and unless all instruments were not sterilised and gloves were not worn within theatre, I cannot see that this was the cause for catching HPV.

In 2002, it became apparent to my mother and stepfather, that I had been abused.  Following a weekend visit with my now absent father, I made several comments to my parents.  An eminent Professor in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, that the Government use in sexual cases, and the school, confirmed that they believed from my behaviour, speech, drawings, and playing with dolls, that I had indeed, been sexually abused.  However, the CPS, after a minor investigation decided that they would not prosecute as what I had produced would be seen as nothing more than ‘hearsay’.

Request to GP Practice for HPV Vaccine

The medical Consultant wrote to the GP requesting that I receive the HPV vaccine.  According to the Consultant, the practice was curt in their reply and passed ‘the buck’ back to him.  My mother pays her taxes, why shouldn’t I receive this locally on the NHS?

I spoke with one of the GPs recently who informed me that the reason they had denied me a vaccine was because they were told that ‘I did not meet the criteria’.


According to NHS on line, those who fit the criteria are :

  • young adults at school aged 12 – 15 and up to the aged of 25, if they missed it the first time, are eligible.
  • MSM (men who have sex with men) meet the criteria up to and including the age of 45 years.
  • Transgender men and women meet the criteria up to and including the age of 45 years.

Government Public Health state that “We know from the latest PHE data that between 2009 and 2017, diagnoses of genital warts have declined by 90% in 15-17 year old girls and 70% in 15-17 year old boys.” So the vaccine is successful?

According to NHS England on line :


“There are very few individuals who cannot receive HPV vaccine. Where there is doubt, rather than withholding vaccination, appropriate advice should be sought from the relevant specialist, or from the local immunisation or health protection team.”

Very few individuals cannot receive HPV Vaccine?

Unless of course you have special needs, then naturally ‘back of the line’, if you ever get in the line, that is!