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  • Please sir Mr Johnson, could you please make a alliance with the brexit party so we don’t loose our vote, they are willing to do so, if we split the vote, corbyn will have the keys to no10, and this will be really bad not just for us but for our royalty as well

  • Patrick J Dolan

    Please Mr PM. Johnson will you join The Brexit Party in Alliance and keep Corbyn out of no 10 if he gets into power we stand to lose Brexit and he will destroy this great Country. Mr Johnson you have done well after taking over from May so make Alliances with The Brexit party and give the people what they wanted and leave the EU let’s get democracy back on track the people will hold you in very high regard if you do this for them

  • Linda Mitchell

    Corbyn must not be allowed to get his hands on our country our freedom which our forefathers fought and died for.
    He is not capable and he would destroy everything everyone one of us have worked hard for.
    He is a dangerous man!

    Linda Mitchell

  • Donald G MOORE

    Corbyn is unfit to stand within Parliament . he is dangerous and likey to make a state of Russia.

  • Ken MacLeod agrees. His contacts are questionable.

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