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  • I am fuming that the government wont leave on a NO DEAL that’s what we voted for we did NOT vote for any deal at all

  • terence wiltshaw

    I voted to leave the corrupt eu. I did not vote for a deal. Out on WTO rules. That’s what I voted for

  • I voted to leave the corrupt EU. WTO is the only way we get a clean break.
    We need to get rid of all our own corrupt MPs. Voting Brexit party will do it.
    Most MPs in parliament have been corrupted. Large bribes; in the way of promises of future lucrative jobs, pensions etc; have bought them.

  • I will only back BORIS if he goes for NO DEAL we must vote all traitors out 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • John Gareth Lloyd

    The people voted to leave, the MP’s should make sure we do and in my opinion with a no deal. I do not want to be tried what so ever to the E.U.

  • Boris will only get my vote if it is no deal that’s what I voted for that’s what I want not a rehash of Teresa mays deal that is not leaving

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