We have always sent copies of all our emails and letters to the press, media, online media, celebrities etc. Here are some of our replies so far.

Dear Helen,

Thank you for letting me see your thoroughly sensible letter!


Quentin Letts.
(Quentin Letts, Daily Mail)

Dear Helen 

Good work! Well done, we need more of this…

(Steven Woolfe, Independent MEP)

Dear Helen Davies

Thank you for your email. I agree we should leave and that we owe them nothing other than our contributions up to the date of departure. How many people have joined your campaign, and how is it organised and supported?

 Yours sincerely


John Redwood
(Conservative MP)


Dear Helen,

Thank you for your email regarding Joan Collins and your open letter to Mrs May and indeed  she is happy to add her name.

Kind regards,


And yes, it is THE Joan Collins! Dame Joan Collins, DBE!


Dear Helen,

Your 10 points are superb and a fine summary of the right position.

Best wishes,

(Robert Oulds, Director, The Bruges Group)