UPDATE :  A Government-funded study released yesterday found at least a dozen different strains of coronavirus were spreading through the UK in March.

We had it much earlier!  Last year and January this year, so what aren’t they telling us?
Can you too add your name and story to The List?

The world was made aware on 31st December last year when China contacted WHO and informed them of “cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan”.  That was the first knowledge the world had of a coronavirus in China, or was it?

There have been reports of the case of a 55 year old man confirmed with coronavirus on 17th November, 2019; on 1st December another man was confirmed with the virus; again on 2 December a 51-year-old Dongguan doctor suddenly had a cough and fever and was hospitalised; the Wall Street Journal reported a 57-year-old seafood merchant working at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was considered to be the first patient prior to the previous cases;  the previous cases were NOT within the seafood market whatsoever.  On 9th January, 2020, the Chinese State broadcasted that a “new viral outbreak was first detected in the city of Wuhan, China,” on 12 December, 2019.

You’ve heard of the whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, who died of the virus? Well, Dr. Ai Fen, a doctor at the Wuhan Hospital gave him the whistle in early December!  But had it spread by then?

In late December, early January I felt awful.  I was extremely tired.  For about at least 3-5 days I could hardly move out of bed for the sheer tiredness and want of sleep.  I had difficulty breathing at times, but put this down to the fact that I have asthma. I had a high temperature and felt ‘flu-like’.  The most distinguishing feature was the cough; the cough that kept you up all night and continued on after the other symptoms eventually disappeared.  Due the cough, I went to the GP, who without even looking at me diagnosed annual flu.  This was no way like flu.  I’ve had flu before.  This was more like a shorter version of the symptoms of coronavirus now being reported.

Since mentioning this on social media, many people have come forward to say they too suffered the same ‘illness’.  So for curiosity sake, we are asking you, did you too suffer from this in late December, early January of this year?  Please let us know and roughly whereabouts in the world you are.  Thank you.


  • On the 31st Dec I left UK to go and spend a few weeks with my sister in Mallorca. During the last week of January I developed a really severe cough, that would wake me continuously during the night as well, so bad that it would make me almost vomit. I had a couple of days with severe pains in my stomach, but that went off, then after I flew home on 31st January, the cough continued badly, but also developed headaches, strange pains in joints and muscles and neck, but nothing like ordinary flu. The cough continued badly for around 6 weeks, right through February into March with other symptoms easing up. I did not have a fever, but the cough has lingered on in a milder way and left me with less energy with the cough sometimes waking me at night. I am a smoker, but this was not a smokers cough. The rest of my family did not catch it, so I do not know what it was.

  • Catherine Wider

    I think all the staff in our shop in West Yorkshire had it. We all fell ill around Christmas time with fever, persistent cough and fatigue. My nieces boyfriend is a nurse and he had the symptoms around Christmas time too, he lives in Suffolk. He went to Docs and they said chest infection. Antibiotics didn’t shift it. Had no more illness since, got tested as he is a nurse a few months back and he has anti-bodies for covid 19.

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