Calling the 17.4 million and more!

Treason has been committed over the years. This is not for political parties, this is for the Electorate to fight.  Media may try to keep ‘the silent majority’ out of the picture, but we continue to fight and campaign.

  • We have brought out a ‘ Declaration’ from the People of the United Kingdom.  We will fight and campaign for this Declaration to be inserted within our uncodified Constitution, so that this may never happen again.
  • We believe criminal offences have been committed under the Felony Act 1848.  Many people have lost all faith and trust in our Judiciary, as well as politicians and the media. For this reason, in the first instance, we have sent our letter to the Attorney General, Mr. Geoffrey Cox, QC MP.
  • By signing the Declaration, you are agreeing that our Sovereignty and Powers were given away EXTERNALLY to the EU which is illegal and unconstitutional and was done so without our Consent.  This must never happen again.
  • By signing the Declaration, you are supporting us in our consideration that criminal offences have been committed under the Felony Act 1848 as well as illegal acts against under our Constitution.
  • Can you say YES, to all the following:-

tickI agree that we were taken into the EU illegally and without our Consent, and want our Sovereignty & Powers repatriated back to the United Kingdom.

tickI want our signed Declaration to be inserted into our uncodified Constitution.

tickI want the result from the 2016 EU Referendum to LEAVE, democratically upheld.

tickI believe that offences under the Felony Act and illegal acts within our Constitution have been committed.

tickI believe the Declaration, which I have signed, should be used alongside the letter regarding criminal offences committed, and in doing so, show my support.

Then – It’s time to STAND UP and FIGHT.