UPDATE: IT’S NOW CONFIRMED! GB News will be coming shortly!!!

Support a New TV Channel – Bringing you news, not their views! Please SUPPORT.

We wrote to top donors who supported Leave Campaign. You can read our full letter below.

We gave a suggestion, a reason. They listened, and now they are bringing a much needed fresh alternative to the BBC and Sky. Please show your support for the Channel.

If you believe that we desperately need a fresh, independent, unbiased, alternative to BBC and Sky who are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Global Elites, then please let us know below. Leave a Reply so we know you support!

 UPDATE : Read here, the presenters, the launch, I know we are very excited!


  • paul robinson

    Fed up with left wing media propaganda and i certainly don’t want to pay for it.

  • Anne O,Connor

    That would be wonderful! So sick of propaganda and Woke issues.

  • Sheila marshall

    Dont want to pay for an outdated tv license. The bbc now making over 75s pay they are a disgracr

  • Jennifer Jones

    Anything would be better than the drivel and lies they constantly chuck at us .

  • The changes to our societies have been forced upon us with no concern for our children’s future!

  • Jenny Hemming

    Have cancelled my YV licence so would welcome an unbiased new channel

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