UPDATE: IT’S NOW CONFIRMED! GB News will be coming shortly!!!

Support a New TV Channel – Bringing you news, not their views! Please SUPPORT.

We wrote to top donors who supported Leave Campaign. You can read our full letter below.

We gave a suggestion, a reason. They listened, and now they are bringing a much needed fresh alternative to the BBC and Sky. Please show your support for the Channel.

If you believe that we desperately need a fresh, independent, unbiased, alternative to BBC and Sky who are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Global Elites, then please let us know below. Leave a Reply so we know you support!

 UPDATE : Read here, the presenters, the launch, I know we are very excited!


  • Great it will have lots of watches, 3 decent people running it

  • Wonderful news About time. I have not watched news here for the last two years. Good luck with this

  • Beverley Atkinson

    Will we need a TV licence

  • Robert Ashlin

    Looking FWD to it. Hope you use YouTube as a platform too. Get the public journalists on the ground too work. Anne Brees and Alex Belfield would be great contributors and have large broad active audiences. You should also consider comedy. The complete censoring of comedians like Alistair Williams and Will Franken and many others has left the British comedy scene starved. Give them a legitimate platform, where they can perform without fear of being cancelled and they would blow the established woke comedy scene out of the water. Be nice to see British comedy be the best in the world again.
    Free live viewing and past content is a must, but extra content interaction, forums, tickets etc requires an app and subscription. Not happy that Murdoch is your backer, but needs must. At least he’s an honest crook. And this should make a lot of money.

  • Not before time.. a platform for common sense after all the crap we have been fed and had to put up with for years.

  • Elizabeth wraithmell

    Will certainly support your new tv channel, we need this alternative as a matter of urgency, we are totally disenfranchised and have no one to broadcast our views

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