There are some that seem to be coping with lockdown, but to those that continue to moan and complain, I say to you ‘Get a  Grip! – Welcome to my world’.

When we eventually come out of this ‘lockdown’, and we will, you will soon get back to normal.  Eventually, things will go back to the way they were before this isolation.

But for me, it will carry on. 

Isolation? It’s a piece of cake!

For you see, I have a child with special needs who is now an adult, and like some other parents, isolation is a normal thing.  I am able to work from home, so I’m paying my taxes too, and I look after my son 24/7, 365 days of the year.  How many weeks’ holiday did you get last year?  I stayed in isolation.

I didn’t pray for 9 months for this, but it is, what it is; and I love my son with all my heart.  Some people will show some sympathy for your child, but it isn’t sympathy he wants – its acceptance.  Acceptance for who he is, but society dictates that special needs must work much harder to be accepted into a normal society, your society.  Tell me, what’s normal?

He has accepted ‘lock down’, why can’t you?

Please don’t forget the parents, they are selflessly trapped.  When you eventually get out and you go back to work; a different scene from home, without distractions – think of people like me!

  • When you stop off for a glass of wine or beer after work – think of me!
  • When you eventually get the children back to school and you have time for yourself – think of me!
  • When you eventually organise a break or your holiday – think of me!
  • When you can drop everything and go for a meal, see a concert, or dine at friends’ homes – think of me!
  • When you relax at home watching a DVD or Netflix undisturbed – think of me!

For all those things, you take for granted; to me, they are luxuries, things I can only remember having had once before; a lifetime ago.  But I fear, as is usual with humans,  that what you read, or any sympathy you have now, will fly out of the window tomorrow – for people will revert to type when corona-virus and isolation are in the past.

So forgive me, but I really can’t stand your moaning any more.  There are heroes out there, losing their lives over this ‘silent enemy’, and all you can do is moan about staying at home!  So ‘get a grip’ – you could be me and #isolation could be a way of normal life!



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