Letters and Replies

Here you can read all our letters and emails and replies..

Here is our first letter sent post and email, you can read it here

Here is our second letter sent by email, read it here

A reminder to Mrs. May’s office, read it here

Here is our first reply by email, read it here 

Our reply to Mrs. May, read it here.

An interesting reply from a Remain MP to a Leave constituent’s concerns  18.12.17

Reply from Remain MP to our letter above 18.12.17! Read here

A reply from No. 10 – 18.12.17 – read here

Our reply to No 10 – 20.12.17 – read here 

Joint Report EU/UK to which our last letter refers, and sent to us by No. 10 office.
Read here 

Replies from supporters, see here 

Our Petition to No 10 – delivered direct with over 1.2 million signatures!

The White Paper – July 2018 here The_future_relationship_between_the_United_Kingdom_and_the_European_Union_WEB_VERSION