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Join the Movement

Without you, there’ll be no change. Campaign for an impartial, accurate, independent channel for all.

You’ve seen the BBC and Sky report on distorted, impartial news. Giving their view instead of reporting the truth.

It’s time for OUR Voice to be heard. The BBC and Sky are so out of touch with the majority of this country, as was seen through Brexit.

So it’s time – time we had a TV Channel that truly reported the news, with impartiality, accuracy, fairness and independence.

A channel that reports the news, not their views!

We wrote to several top donors who supported Leave in the EU Referendum.

It would seem that they are listening but what they need is support from YOU!

Will you subscribe? Will you support a channel that brings you news NOT their views?

Show them you do by leaving a reply!




  • Thank you for this pro english group ,maybe now we have a chance to balance this anti white government

  • Phyllis Holmes

    Once the main stream media was a trusted source of truth, we trusted reporters to fight for what was right no matter what, that trust has now been totally lost due to main stream media becoming so biased and self serving, and their you have it SELF Serving, no matter what the truth is if it doesn’t serve their agenda that truth is binned! The people of this country are aware of what is happening, we need a media that reports on events truthfully, a large amount of people no longer watch msm and believe that it has become a propaganda machine, there is never anything positive, never anything uplifting, and all stories are one sided!

  • Robert Ashlin

    Hope this is the Phoenix from the ashes. British media is a burning pile right now. Death to the BBC long live the EBC

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