Harry & Meghan – Oh the hypocrisy!

Perhaps Harry should learn to practice what he preaches! 

But that’s not the Elites way – You change, You suffer, You do as you are told. They don’t.  It’s really that simple.

Travalyst – a web site states that “Travalyst provides supportive, independent, and neutral governance, empowering our Coalition of some of the biggest – and occasionally competing – travel companies and service providers to share data and accelerate change. The goal is to bring credible, consistent sustainability information to the mainstream, helping both travellers and travel companies make better, greener choices.”

According to the accounts of The Royal Foundation, Harry and Meghan were given an unrestricted loan of £145,000 to set-up and launch their ‘Sussex Royal’ charity which was to be their philanthropic vehicle.

A restricted loan of £100,00 was made towards Sussex Royal’s Travalyst programme.   In 2013, The Royal Foundation took over legal control of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.  In 2019, the endowment fund of £250,000 was transferred to unrestricted funds in accordance with the agreement relating to the closure of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.  In December 2019, the Royal Foundation donated 50% of the net income to Sussex Royal. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they would no longer operate as Sussex Royal, the primary philanthropic vehicle and accordingly donate to another charity of their choosing.

Oh! The Hypocrisy!

Travalyst continues “Consumers are presented with consistent, transparent, easy-to-understand information across the travel platforms they already know and trust. This enables them to make informed decisions, learn what good looks like, and, ultimately, become more sustainable travellers.”

  1. “The single most impactful thing you can do to cut back your carbon footprint when you travel is to track how much you fly and pick the lowest impact options where possible.”

  2. “Consider alternatives to flying, such as trains, coaches and ferries.”

  3. “When choosing air travel, opt to pay the extra to offset your carbon emissions. While we acknowledge that offsetting is not a solution, it can help keep emissions down while we work on wider systemic change.”

According to the MailOnline, Harry and Meghan opt to fly in a lavish 12-seater Cessna jet when they choose to fly privately.

In 2022, Meghan took a private jet twice.  There’s even an article from Forbes on the number of private jets they have taken used over the past.

As for alternatives to flying, seems they drive around LA in a SUV that only does 14 miles per gallon and live in a mansion 24 times bigger than the footprint of an average UK home.

Oh! The Hypocrisy!

Oh to be one of the Elites! Such compassion from the “Duke and Duchess of Wokeland”.

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