First letter-24.11.2017

Open Letter to Mrs. Theresa May, Prime Minister

24th November, 2017

Dear Mrs. May,

We, the undersigned, as tax paying British Citizens and members of the Silent Majority, those who voted Leave in the EU Referendum, feel it necessary to write to you regarding the current Brexit Negotiations.

We can confidently advise you that we were well aware of what we voted for and intelligent enough to understand that some complications may come about as the result of our vote. Please don’t insult our intelligence by allowing the media to imply that we were influenced by the Russians, nor did we not understand what we were voting for, as many, many people actually did their homework and came to their own conclusion. We still have to accept negative and malicious comments, not only from people in the media, institutions and MPs but also from those within your own party. We are NOT Nazis, nor Racists, or Little Englanders nor obtuse – in fact, we welcome EU citizens and others to our country, it is just a matter of numbers.

We do not agree that ANY money should be offered to the EU whatsoever. If we are tied to any monetary obligation before the Brexit vote, then we would understand, but we do not believe that there are any. We do not want our taxes to be given to the EU before any negotiations have begun and firmly believe this would be totally foolish. The British people do not like to be bullied, or give in to blackmail.

This Monday (20th November) you declared that, in your opinion, we should honour any commitment we have with the EU with regards to the ‘divorce bill’. According to Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs, we are only obliged to pay until the end of our membership in March, 2019. We have strong legal ground to stop contributing to the EU budget after March 2019, as article 50 ends all Treaty obligations at this point, including financial obligations. There is no discussion of the monies owed by the EU being given back to the UK, e.g., the contribution to the EIB (£3.1bn capital)– half the rebate that was agreed to be released by the Blair Government in consideration of amendments to the Common Agricultural Policy that were never carried out by the EU! (breach of contract!).

We voted to Leave the EU. This means Leave the EU in its’ entirety, no European Court of Justice, no Single Market, no Customs Union, no EU Army(PESCO), no Transition Period. We voted for Independence. An independent United Kingdom, trading with the world, including the EU but in their case, not only on their terms. We also wish for our fishing waters to be regained, our original 200 mile zone and that you listen to the fisheries concerns.

DO NOT offer them money. Indeed a good negotiator would merely start by telling them that we are leaving, and offer them nothing and let them come to us with a proposal and not to offer them anything until their first move.

Whilst you appear to be making all the proposals and the EU are just cherry picking on your proposals – that is NOT a good negotiation. If they will not negotiate in a sensible manner, come forward or refuse to come forward, with good proposals then you should prepare for this country to leave in 2019 without any money being paid to them and without any deal. To do otherwise would be to show weakness. So if the EU cannot offer a good or even free trade deal then WALK AWAY NOW!

Can we please refrain from calling it a ‘divorce’? This emotional term is nothing more than irritating. We were never married to the EU. When we entered in 1973, what was sold to the public as the European Economic Community, was believed to be a free trading union, not control of our country. If we are to discuss ‘divorce settlements’ then there seems to be a lack of discussion within our ‘decree nisi’ of any assets due to us from the EU?

The vote has been taken and any attempt to relinquish that result, we fear could cause an outcome of many, many people taking to the streets to demonstrate.

Those that voted Leave like Europeans but we do not want to be part of the political construct that is the EU.

The EU Referendum has been taken, we are leaving and we want the country to now work together positively for Team UK. We have a very prosperous and bright future if we all just work together positively in the best interests of TEAM UK – any economic knocks along the way, we are prepared to take on the chin.

We therefore ask you to listen to what we have said and from NOW onwards, move forward positively with only the best interests of the UK at the forefront of your mind.


Signed by

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