Covid Fines

10 years for telling a lie! New Covid Rules

The Covid Pandemic is a serious situation but to threaten the UK People with ’10 years for lying about travel’ is well over the mark;  especially when the Government failed in its first duty to protect the citizens of this country by closing down all borders in the first instance.

This Government allowed people to go away in the middle of the pandemic last year including abroad, permitted thousands to demonstrate and cause damage to public property without so much as a rebuke for such behaviour, and enticed people to “eat out to help out “in public restaurants with a government voucher whilst the pandemic, although at lower levels, was still transmissible.

Is the Government saying that normal law abiding citizens will be treated the same as

                          Wirral Child Abuser

                          Rapist in Bolton

                          Proscription Offences (proscribe to an organisation, support, assist or manage)

                          Woman who accused 15 men of rape

                          Drug Dealer

for they ALL got 10 years in prison for these offences.

people at Heathrow
People queuing at Heathrow Arrivals.

Most of the citizens of the U.K. are presently working/living within their homes due to the Coronavirus Act.

However, many people are still seen coming into Heathrow Airport as seen above.

Are they checked for their travel history too?  Why is Tom, Dick and Harry allowed to fly in and out, while the U.K. people are kept ‘imprisoned’ in their own homes?

These draconian measures are now allowing ministers to make these decisions without due process or a vote in Parliament. Lest we forget, ultimate Sovereignty lies with the Electorate; they select MPs by vote at Election and delegate to Crown and Parliament sovereign powers to administer the affairs of the state internally. Members of Parliament are chosen to represent the Electorate. WHERE IS OUR REPRESENTATION?? Or do we now live in a dictatorship and not a democracy?


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