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Oxfordshire County Council – Climate Lockdowns

In the last few days, a report has been spread around social media that Oxfordshire County Council had plans to implement a climate lockdown.  The council has now issued a statement alleging that ‘locking down residents into one of six zones’ is not true. 

However, they are limiting the use of vehicles per year by way of ‘filtering’ and residents and businesses can apply for permits.  The council add that this is a 6 month trial and residents in the Oxford area will be eligible to 100 day passes per year and those in remaining parts of the County to 25 passes a year, which is confusing seeing that this is ‘a 6 month trial’?

However, is this the beginning of Climate Lockdowns in this country?

As we reported weeks ago, there are plans from the World Economic Forum to implement a ‘Climate Carbon Passport’.  These will initially be given to people living on islands or lands which, in their opinion, have become uninhabitable due to Climate Change.  This will allow people to come to the U.K. to live, as Climate Change and the effects on their homeland, is the fault of Western society.

It is the West that must take the burden, not India, Russia or China.

This policy was first brought to light in the Nature Sustainability article last year

“If we come together to meet the biggest challenges in medical biology, so too can we come together to meet the challenges of climate physics and the forces driving inequality.”  
Mark Carney, the global master of modern corporatism’s climate crusade

Having seen the effect of Covid lockdowns, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum said that ‘The Great Resetis a major remake of global power and politics.  The possibilities for change and the resulting new order are now unlimited and only bound by our imagination”.

According to an article from Canada, some 200 doctors around the world agreed that there was a call for emergency action to limit global temperatures, protect health.  The plan?  A Covid model.  How did 200 odd editors of medical journals become experts in climate science? They didn’t. Doctors and Dentists just followed the UN line.  They said “Governments must intervene to support the redesign of transport systems, cities, production and distribution of food, markets for financial investments, health systems, and much more.”

Economist Mark Jaccard said “thanks to “the work of the COVID modellers” who forecast the effect of lockdown policies. “If you want to bend the infection curve to stop a pandemic, you turn to health policy modellers.” Therefore, “If you want to bend the GHG curve to stop climate change, you turn to climate policy modellers.”

And we all know how well allowing ‘medical modelling’ went during the covid pandemic lockdown?

However, a ‘climate lockdown’ will not be limited to just movement by car.

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  • These globalist elites pretending to help humanity are only bringing back a Nazi agenda of world control!

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