Our uncodified Constitution is for the People – therefore we should have a voice!

In 1973, Edward Heath, the then Prime Minister took our country into the EU without our consent.  In 1975, already a member, we were then given a Referendum on whether we wanted to stay within the EU.  Over the years, more and more of our sovereignty and powers were given away to a foreign entity without our Consent.  It is not within the gift of the Crown and Parliament to transfer all or any of these powers, so delegated,
to a foreign country or entity, and in doing so, externally.  This is clearly forbidden by the laws of the Constitution.

We continue to campaign for all our powers to be transferred back to the U.K., and we campaign for this Our Declaration to be inserted within our Constitution or within an Act so that this may never happen again and in doing so, protect future generations.

We therefore present this Declaration to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson together with a copy to Chloe Smith MP, Parliamentary Secretary (Minister for the Constitution) .

Read and sign here

Read the Authority on which we rely which tantamounts to Treason here


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