Covid Passport

We believe it’s not only unethical but against people’s human rights to impose a domestic ‘Covid Passport’

We have brought out a Petition, being sent to Boris Johnson, Prime Minster and Matt Hancock, Health Secretary asking that consideration be given to the opinions of the Electorate.

It is the Electorate who lent you the power through election.

We believe, by imposing a DOMESTIC ‘Covid Passport’ not only would it be unethical but would cause a two tier system in this supposedly democratic country.

We didn’t need anything between the lockdowns, we don’t need anything now!

We ‘kept safe’ between lockdowns; we went to work.

Most are now vaccinated and reports say that after vaccination, you cannot spread.

A ‘passport’ to prove you have had the vaccination is therefore irrelevant; after all, during lockdowns people were not constantly tested but allowed to walk freely. The same should go in the future.

You do not need any documentation for any other vaccination, so why Covid? More died in the Spanish Flu and they were not asked to shield nor lockdown nor face ‘passports’.

You can READ, SIGN AND SHARE our Petition here.


  • I have no problem with having vaccination certification. That’s how we stopped yellow fever, typhoid, smallpox, cholera, Cholera, TB and several other infectious diseases and viruses from continuing to spread from country to country. People want the right to their holidays – vaccination certificates will ensure that can happen.

  • A covid passport is a threat by another means to take your freedom by force if you do not or cannot take the vaccine. If the vaccine is so safe why are they using force to make you take it ?

  • Margaret Ramsay

    It’s discriminatory. It’s unacceptable on so many levels.

  • This vaccine is a trial vaccine, it has not been tested in time, and the manufacturers absolve themselves of responsibility of any adverse effects to the recipients. We do not have the full information on the long term risks or immediate effects from taking the vaccine. It’s unlawful to coerce people to become guinea pigs and trial this vaccine in order to obtain a certificate to their basic freedoms.

  • The government need to STOP in its attempts at re-educative, repressive and punitive strategies directed towards those who chose not to be vaccinated. The council of Europe , the world’s leading Human Rights organisation which the UK is a contracting member,has also recently announced a binding resolution that Governments are NOT allowed to force or coerce people to have a vaccine . A vaccination passport/ certificate is nothing more than a punishment to those who dont want the vaccine which leads to people becoming stigmatized and discriminated against.

  • I think that bit by bit our human rights have been chipped away from us. The pandemic has been overplayed to scare people into this vaccine. I will not be taking a card with me to prove that I have had the vaccine. I am on chemo and I have been since 2006. There’s no way I want even more crap injected into me. As for having to carry a card to say I have been faccinated is laughable. So no I will not be carrying around some pathetic piece of card

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