United Kingdom day

No doubt, the majority of the U.K. public will support this Bill!

June Bank Holiday (Creation) Bill 2019-21 – A Bill to make provision for an annual national public holiday on the Friday nearest to 23 June; and for connected purposes, has been sponsored by Mr. Peter Bone, M.P. The second reading of this Bill is due this Friday.

With all that’s been going on these past few months, a bit of good news goes a long way. Some may refer to it as ‘Brexit Day’, or ‘Saving Sovereignty Day’; either way, we hope that the Bill will pass. Let’s support Mr. Bone.


  • Antony Barton

    Yep, most definitely celebrate brexit, historic day we finally left the corrupt EU

  • Anthony Barnes

    Saving sovereignty attached to our constitution Bill of Rights that gives us our Freedom.

  • We most certainly have a UK day without question to celebrate our Constitution and freedom.

  • Yes 23 June 2016 was a very special day.

  • We need a day to celebrate we are a sovereign country. June 23rd a very special day.

  • Every patriot should celebrate 23rd June what our fathers and grandfathers fought for our freedoms and sovereignty.

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