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Don’t be like the other sheep. Support a New TV Channel – Bringing you news, not our views!

We have written to top donors who supported the Leave Campaign in the EU Referendum. You can see our letter below.

If you believe that we desperately need a fresh, independent, unbiased, an alternative to BBC and Sky who are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Global Elites, then please let us know below. Leave a Reply so we know you support!



  • Phyllis Holmes

    We are definitely in need an alternative to the BBC ,I no longer watch the BBC as it constantly pushes it’s own agenda creating a devide in the British people ,I fully believe their intention is to devide and conquer ,stroking their own ego in the belief that the British people are no better than sheep!!!

  • I no longer put the tv on because it is full of bile and disgracefully left wing. It disgusts me….. I would welcome to hear the news as it happens and without political spin … please start up a new station which is not under Murdochs control….

  • Brilliant Helen. I sincerely hope they listen

  • Trevor Maughan.

    This has got to worth doing as like others I can’t even look at the overblown bunch of presenters at the BBC so never watch it, there should be alternative view to the left wing bias of Sky, Channel 4, BBC etc.

  • All I want is the news, not the reports view.a mp comes on they tell us something then after the interview they always turn round and asks the reporters want they think, I for one don’t give a dam what the reports think

  • Stephen O'Connor

    Oh yes please. A real news chamnel which just gives us the impartial unbiased facts without spin.

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