Support New TV Channel

Don’t be like the other sheep. Support a New TV Channel – Bringing you news, not our views!

We have written to top donors who supported the Leave Campaign in the EU Referendum. You can see our letter below.

If you believe that we desperately need a fresh, independent, unbiased, an alternative to BBC and Sky who are nothing more than propaganda machines for the Global Elites, then please let us know below. Leave a Reply so we know you support!



  • paul robinson

    Fed up with left wing media propaganda and i certainly don’t want to pay for it.

  • Anne O,Connor

    That would be wonderful! So sick of propaganda and Woke issues.

  • Sheila marshall

    Dont want to pay for an outdated tv license. The bbc now making over 75s pay they are a disgracr

  • Jennifer Jones

    Anything would be better than the drivel and lies they constantly chuck at us .

  • The changes to our societies have been forced upon us with no concern for our children’s future!

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